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Well, the string of “acquitted themselves well on national TV” games for the Griz had to come to a halt at some point.

In the first quarter, it looked like it was going to come to a screeching, crashing, damaging halt…but the Griz came back from a 27-11 deficit to make it a game the rest of the way.

They scrapped, they fought, but it just didn’t work out just right. Why, oh why, did it not work out just right?-It wasn’t free throws. The Griz went to the line 31 times, hitting at almost 81%. Three Clippers with four or more fouls (and Conley fouled out for the Griz on a couple of legit calls and a couple of HORRENDOUS ones), so it can’t be said that the Griz weren’t trying to get to the hoop.

-Rudy-Jekyll Gay-Hyde. Yes, yes, he had a tough time guarding the much larger Primadonna Griffin, so that affected his game (but not in the first quarter).  Yes, yes, yes, he went 9-18, far eclipsing the Grizzlies’ overall shooting percentage, but had six turnovers, especially the two horrible passes he threw out of bounds in that wretched first quarter were part of what buried the team in a huge hole out of which they had to climb. The first pass a bouncer to Marc Gasol on a tightly-spaced p-n-r near the left elbow with Rudy as the ballhandler, and the second was a pass to Speights with Rudy as the..ballhandler on a p-n-r/give-and-go on the opposite side. That pass almost winged its way to West Covina.

-Mike Conley, to no one’s surprise, had a tough time with Chris Paul. He held him to 3-11, but CP3 went to the line 11 times, and held Conley to 2-10 shooting. This was destined to be a tough one for MC, ‘cuz it’s just tough anytime anyone has to play Chris Paul, whether CP is coming back from injury or not.

-OJ Mayo tried to audition for every team in the league on national TV, and the result was fail. His effort on D was exceptional, but the continuous hoisting leading to a terrible 5-19 from the field hurt the team for sure. With the Griz playing small with Rudy at 4 for a good portion of the game, OJ took shots with alarming frequency (an average of well under two minutes’ game time between attempts) and they just weren’t dropping.Conley and Mayo, a combined 7-29. Ooof.

In all my years, I’ve not seen a player with a greater sense of entitlement than Blake Griffin. A positively absurd physical talent, no doubt-but his ego is larger than a human can estimate. As the national TV announcers repeated last night, he’s got a long way to go.

Phoenix next. Time to get it back between the lines, Griz.



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7 Responses to Grizzlies Fall to Clippers, 98-91

  1. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    Green, Gold and Violet. Three colors the Grizzlies don’t need to see any more.

  2. AussieGNo Gravatar says:

    I thought the Grizz played pretty well considering the HORRIBLE effing officiating.. as a matter of fact it was the first game all season where I thought the officials were costing the Grizzlies the game (hadn’t felt this way since the Thunder series, which the Grizz seemed to win games in spite of the reffing)..

    Horrible officiating.. really really bad.

  3. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah I agree. First time this has really been much of a problem this season. Seems like the league is telling the refs to be good to the Clips, and the tv stations to put them on national tv every night. This is one of the NBA’s new teams. Can’t expect a level playing field against then any more.

  4. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Loved the throwback uni’s. Hated the officiating.

    Disappointing game.

  5. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    The foul call on conley when he stole the ball from paul on the baseline and then Paul hacked him across the chest was terrible. That missed goal tending call was so bad I almost broke my tv.

  6. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    But wait Blake Griffin can dunk the ball over the hood of a car so that means he’s the best in the whole universe!!!!

    Never mind the fact that he’s a professional basketball players that shoots 50% from the FT line and for some reason can’t toss a ball in a straight line (aka shoot a free throw).

    Yeah I agree …. I really wanted someone to smack the stupid crater-faced, acne slicked smirk off his face for most of the game.

  7. stevedNo Gravatar says:

    I quite liked the balanced commentary team of Miller and Kerr. It gets tiring getting the home commentary team all of the time.

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