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Rudy Gay needs to get out of his own head.

The end.

Ok, not entirely, but close to it.

“But the Grizzlies played hard enough to win this game!”

Did they?Once again, a double-digit rebounding deficit. OUCH. That is, once again, the top of the list. It’s always good to be concerned about getting back on defense-but one man, at least, needs to hit the glass. It’s great to know that without ZBo, fastbreak points will be the lifeblood of the Griz-but everyone can’t leak out at once (see also: D’Antoni-vintage Suns).

Russell Westbrook took his revenge on the Grizzlies this game, having a Dr. Jekyll game. 30, with 4 assists and only two TO’s. We shoulda seen that one coming.

A few other statistical nuggets and what they meant to the outcome of this game:

-Rudy Gay with 3 whole rebounds all by himself in 38 minutes. That ain’t gonna cut it. His body language after that and-one in the second half tells the story-he knows it’s on him, and he knows he’s not providing his best for the team. He hung his head as if to say “finally” after he made the shot. He’s feeling the pressure.  He’s just gotta get out of his own head-at this point, he’s like a pitcher who everyone knows can throw a n0-hitter on any given night, but is busy aiming the ball at the strike zone and getting whiplash watching it fly out of the park. He’s attacking the basket, but he’s not going at it with reckless abandon (which, in his defense, he’s never been a reckless-abandon sorta dude on the court…or is that an indictment of his motor? Hmmm..gotta think about that).Is he worried about the shoulder? Who knows.

-Jeremy Pargo, from the penthouse to one foot in the doghouse.  Six minutes, only one assist, and one big ol’ goose egg in the points column.  He’s not able to direct things without ZBo on the court, and he knows it. That’s bad, but what’s worse is that the guys who wind up sharing the court with him know it too, especially the opposition. With Conley on the court, the Grizzlies have a guy with whom the principal scorers are exceedingly familiar. With Pargo out there, as was evidenced in his short time on the court this game, the lack of familiarity is exacerbated by the lack of Randolph. Still don’t mind the Vasquez trade, I think Pondexter will be an asset for the Griz for a while to come, but I’m really close to rooting for Selby to get in there and mix it up. A little more speed-oriented attack by Selby with a bit more flash may be an exchange the Griz should be willing to make to lose a bit of strength and a bit of D.

-Marc Gasol, welcome back to the land of the living. So characteristically Gasolian. The shots he’s blocking make up for his not-so-swiftness on defense. Such a heady player. 20 and 14 with four blocks. This game, as much as any other, he showed his all-out hustle, as well as his inability to get the officials to show him some consistent love. Sure, he led the team in FTA (at a meager six), but when he bullcharges across the lane, there’s contact every time. Call it on him, call it on the defender, but there’s usually darned close to 600 pounds colliding out there, and the whistles get swallowed too often.

National TV game Thursday at home.

There’s never been a better opportunity for Rudy Gay to prove to everyone that he’s all the way back from injury.

Come on Griz. Can’t afford to let the hole get any deeper. Put away the shovels, and get a win.

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10 Responses to Gay, Grizzlies Fall Just Short…Again….

  1. Not an IssueNo Gravatar says:

    80 million dollar man? Who’s he? Rudy Gay? Who’s that? I say the Grizzlies trade him for someone more enthusiastic about their game. He should be shooting 25-30 shots a night. Instead 15-20 shots, and he can’t buy a free throw. Then, he just hangs his head, and mopes up and down the court. I’m selling my season tickets. I’m tired of spending my hard earned money driving to the games, paying for parking, fighting traffic, and watching an overpaid, overrated, under-classed professional,(if you can call it that), athlete drag his butt up and down the court with no enthusiasm or desire to win. Step up or step off. Let’s get someone out there with the heart and desire to win! If not, I will try to find some other form of Winter entertainment in Memphis. Then, there will be a 5 year veteran selling his tickets! Any takers?

    Too painful to say anymore,
    Grizzlies Fan

    • KD LegendNo Gravatar says:

      I’ve always thought we should trade Gay, he’s not a winner. But I disagree with you about the shot attempts. He is shooting too much for my liking and doesn’t move the ball around well, in fact he stops ball movement. Mayo only had 4 shot attempts, in which he is being extremely unselfish. I’m not being critical of Mayo, though as he is making good plays and passes, in fact it is others who are not hitting him when he is open. I have seen Gay and Conley attack the rim with three players around and they have no intent to pass the ball and. They need to be aware of where their teammates are and move the ball. I thought Speights and Dante played well and Marc showed great toughness. Also, Rudy should be getting just as many rebounds as Marc with his length and jumping ability.

  2. Andy WatersNo Gravatar says:

    Saddest post I’ve read in a while. Sleep on it Griz Fan, and know you aren’t the only one frustrated. We’ve just gotta wait a month and a half.

  3. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Face it Durant and Westbrook are much better than gay and conley. Conley is an average point guard and Rudy is talented but totally out played by Durant. Put Selby in the game! At least oj made his threes tonight. Only 4 shots by oj. Stiil think the team would be better running the plays around oj instead of gay.

  4. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, Mr wines too much. Rudy is a fantastic player, he is coming off an injury, and a great run by the team everyone had labeled his up until that run. You want him to shoot the ball more, and then in two or three weeks, you will say he is shooting too much! To me, it sounds like you think you know more about the game then you do. He has the whole city of memphis on his ass expecting him to put up lebron james numbers, he is a great player, but he is no superstar, he has so much pressure on him, it takes effect like you cant even fathom, it gnaws at you day and night, i bet you he has trouble sleeping due to the fact that there are people like you, constantly putting his play down. He will never be good enough for you, and i for one am glad you wish to sell your tickets, you call your self a fan, please. I will take those tickets off your hands, and when the Grizz come back to life, you can choke on the money i gave you, while im at the games, proud to say that i was always a believer in this team and every single one of its players. Either have some faith, or get your fair weather fan butt out of our grind house

  5. W PattonNo Gravatar says:

    I am afraid they aren’t going to win another game this year. Good players and they try hard but the gulf is too wide compared to the other teams in the league apparently. Maybe they win a couple when Zach gets back. I’m still a fan but it is sad to watch! Looks we are back to being the Grizzlies of old.

  6. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

    I’m not selling my season tickets. I don’t have to fight for parking or fight through traffic. Get of on Crump drive west to Danny Thomas make a left at Pontotoc park for $5.00 and walk across the street into the game. Leave the same way you came but instead make a right heading south towards Crump and you won’t ever fight traffic again.

    As for Gay he simply displays poor body language, is struggling mightily from the free throw line, walks back on defense, and overall lacks intestinal fortitude. To his credit I don’t think he’s in game shape as he seemed to be laboring.

    I have always defended Rudy but I’m at the point where I realize it’s better to have 3 above average players who play hard than 1 well-above average player who doesn’t bring it on both ends every night. I’m afraid the time has come to accept that he’s not a Alpha Male and will never be one. Either we accept it and keep him or we accept that move on and ship him on the first thing smoking!!!

  7. not an issueNo Gravatar says:

    Blah, blah,blah

  8. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    Good lord, give Rudy and the Griz a little time here. We are without our best player and our best guy off the bench, and we’re only 9 games in. I was so proud of Memphis for rallying around the Griz last year and turning the forum into the rowdiest venue in the NBA playoffs. We can’t have everyone turning their backs on the team. Lionel will steady the team, we’ll get our wins. Until then, just believe a little.

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