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You probably don’t want to see how the Grizzlies have tumbled in the rankings. As John Schuhmann @ wrote, “after Dallas, the Grizzlies are the most disappointing team in the league thus far.”  The win over the Kings, even without Zach is hopefully a good sign that the Grizzlies are playing better together as a team.  However, if they don’t stop the 3-point shooting, it will be hard to win consistently against teams that have the good 3-point shooters.

Average ranking for the week is 20.88 (not including actual ranking or Hollinger since he has not updated for this season.

 2011-12 Power Rankings for the week of January 2
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Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
01-04 01-02 01-03 01-02 01-03 01-03 01-04 4-13 01-02 01-02
1 Chicago Miami Miami: Grade=B+ Miami Chicago Oklahoma City Chicago Chicago Miami Miami 1
2 Miami Oklahoma City Chicago: Grade=A+ Chicago Oklahoma City Miami Portland Denver Oklahoma City Oklahoma City 2
3 Portland Chicago Oklahoma City: Grade=A Oklahoma City Miami Chicago Philadelphia Miami Chicago Chicago 3
4 Indiana San Antonio Denver: Grade=B+ Denver Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta LA Lakers San Antonio San Antonio 4
5 Oklahoma City Portland Atlanta: Grade=C+ Orlando San Antonio Portland Denver San Antonio LA Lakers Portland 5
6 Atlanta Orlando LA Lakers: Grade=B+ Portland Indiana Denver Indiana Oklahoma City LA Clippers Orlando 6
7 Denver Denver Portland: Grade=A- San Antonio Orlando LA Lakers Miami Orlando Denver Atlanta 7
8 Orlando LA Lakers LA Clippers: Grade=C+ LA Lakers Portland Orlando LA Clippers Boston Atlanta Indiana 8
9 San Antonio New York Philadelphia: Grade=B Philadelphia Boston Indiana LA Lakers Dallas Orlando LA Lakers 9
10 Cleveland Boston Indiana: Grade=B- LA Clippers Denver San Antonio Orlando Portland Portland Denver 10
11 LA Lakers
Atlanta San Antonio: Grade=A Houston LA Lakers Philadelphia Houston Houston New York New York 11
12 Boston Indiana Houston: Grade=B Indiana Dallas Boston Toronto Indiana Boston 12
13 LA Clippers LA Clippers Orlando: Grade=C New York LA Clippers LA Clippers San Antonio Philadelphia Houston LA Clippers 13
14 Utah Houston Minnesota: Grade=D- Atlanta New York Houston Oklahoma City New York Dallas Milwaukee 14
15 Philadelphia Philadelphia Boston: Grade=B Dallas Philadelphia Toronto Cleveland New Orleans Philadelphia Philadelphia 15
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
16 Golden State Dallas: Grade=Grade=B Boston Houston New York Utah Milwaukee Boston Houston 16
17 Golden State Milwaukee Milwaukee: Grade=C- Minnesota Milwaukee Minnesota Minnesota Phoenix Golden State Golden State 17
18 Houston Minnesota New York: Grade=B Golden State Cleveland Milwaukee Detroit Golden State New Orleans New Orleans 18
19 Toronto Dallas Memphis A Minnesota Dallas New York Indiana Minnesota 19
20 Detroit Cleveland: Grade=C- Milwaukee Golden State Golden State Dallas LA Clippers Dallas 20
21 New Orleans Sacramento Toronto: Grade=C- Sacramento Toronto Cleveland Utah Milwaukee Phoenix 21
22 Milwaukee New Orleans Detroit: Grade=F New Orleans New Orleans Charlotte Phoenix Atlanta Sacramento Minnesota 22
23 Minnesota Phoenix Sacramento: Grade=C- Charlotte Phoenix New Orleans Golden State Detroit Cleveland Cleveland 23
24 New York Cleveland Phoenix: Grade=C Toronto Detroit Milwaukee Sacramento Charlotte Utah 24
25 Phoenix Toronto Golden State: Grade=C Cleveland Utah Boston Charlotte Phoenix Toronto 25
26 Dallas Utah Utah: Grade=D+ Detroit Sacramento Phoenix New Orleans Minnesota Toronto Charlotte 26
27 Sacramento Detroit New Orleans: Grade=B+ Phoenix Detroit Sacramento Sacramento Toronto New Jersey Sacramento 27
28 Charlotte New Jersey Charlotte: Grade=C Utah Charlotte Utah New Jersey New Jersey Utah Detroit 28
29 New Jersey Charlotte New Jersey: Grade=C New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey Charlotte Washington Detroit New Jersey 29
30 Washington Washington Washington: Grade=C- Washington Washington Washington Washington Cleveland Washington Washington 30
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
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