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Ron Tillery has filed an update on the Jason Williams recruitment.

According to Tillery the Grizzlies were prepared to claim Williams off of waivers but JWill requested the Grizzlies not do that. Why? Apparently he wanted to see if a better team would be willing to pay him this season instead. If no one else wants the 35 year old PG with arthritic feet then he will sign with Memphis.

Why are the Grizzlies pursuing JWill? It makes no sense. He’s not part of any youth movement. He’s never been a great leader of a team. He once called Pau Gasol a name so loudly that reporters standing outside the locker room heard it. Shaq once called him out on the court during a game.

And most important of all he doesn’t want to play for the Grizzlies! He doesn’t believe the team’s post-season opoprtunities are good enough.I supposeit goes without saying that adding him the roster won’t improve thoseopportunities either.

Sure Vasquez has been up and down this season. Most rookies face similar problems and the rookie wall is staring him rightin the face too. There are definitely reasons to believe the team would be better with a veteran PG backing upConley for the playoffpush.Despite a plethora of players in the Grizzlies backcourt only Conley and Vasquez are full-time PGs. Tony Allen and O J Mayo can fill in for short stints but if something were to happen to happen to Conley the team’s playoff chances would likely be over. I can understand the team wanting another veteran PG on the roster.

But is this veteran the one to do the job?

Michael Heisley is behind the Williams recruitment. Doesn’t that make Grizzlies fans feel warm and fuzzy inside? The man who brought you the Allen Iverson Experiment and the Hasheem Thabeet Development now believes Jason Williams is the answer for the Grizzlies back-up point guard ills. The scary thing is this isn’t the first time Heisley has tried to bring back JWill only to be rebuked. According to Tillery this is the 3rd time. Twice before JWill chose to sign with Orlando rather than Memphis. How can anyone think he would be happy to return here now? This time he has rebuked the Grizzlies attempt to sign him off of waivers, he turned his back to the team offering him a free agent deal for the rest of the season too. How many times does the team need to be told no before they get the hint.

He doesn’t want to play here. There are plenty of solid young and veteran players in the world who would jump at the opportunity to play for the Grizzlies. Why are they grovelling for this one?

I suppose it’s more important to Heisley to have players his wife likes than players who will make the team better.

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