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The fallout from the O J Mayo suspension is already beginning and as usual the Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley is revealing his lack of understanding about basketball and Memphis fans by making overtures to try and return Jason Williams to Memphis according to a tweet fromthe Commercial Appeal.

Yes THAT Jason Williams. The ‘JWill is Back’ campaign is probably already beginning. Apparently Heisley believes this side show attraction will bring fans back into the stands faster than addressing true team needs. Let’s be clear, this obvious publicity stunt won’t help the team win more games and people remember how happy JWill was about playing on a non-contending team the last time he was in Memphis.

Geoff Calkins had better hide his pens because you just know he’ll want to write something about this.

Jason Williams is 35 and has arthritic feet. I am serious. He was diagnosed with arthritis in his feet back in December. I’m older than JWill and I have never heard of arthritis in your feet. Just how beat up does JWill have to be to have arthritis in his feet at 35.

Orlando waived JWill because he couldn’t earn playing time behind Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas and Chris Duhon and was becoming a locker room issue for Orlando. This is why they released him. Somehow this message about being a locker room issue in Orlando missed the Grizzlies attention because they are talking about a new JWill that has lost his rebel attitude and expect leadership from him.

JWill will lead but does anyone really want to go where he is leading?

This from the team that is supposed to be developing their young players for the future. They already took Xavier Henry out of the lineup after the team moved on waiting for him to recover from sore knees. Now to make room for JWill, Vasquez will be moved out of the rotation.

Of course the Grizzlies didn’t lose their backup PG for 10 games. They lost the main scorer off the bench who happens to play SG. Henry hasn’t played on his sore knee since 2010. The Grizzlies don’t need a malcontent aged PG complaining about playing time. They need a SG who can hit three point shots to pull teams out of the zone defenses that have caused the team so much trouble of late.

Thankfully, the Grizzlies are rumored to just be interested in signing JWill for the rest of the season. Even Heisley wouldn’t be so illogical as to sign him for any time longer than that. Would he?

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