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Well, my second favorite team, the Golden State Warriors, suffered another injury tonight when Brandan Wright, whose play has truly improved this season, sustained a partial shoulder separation/dislocation/whatever. Moped Ellis, Nopass Maggette, Stack Jack, Brandan Wright…the injuries mount. CJ Watson was even hurt for a bit. But do the injuries not pale in comparison to the other much more detrimental issues facing the Warriors?

So what is the nature of the concrete basketball shoes that are just now dragging down the W’s to the bottom of the Bay?

Chaos. And I don’t mean the really cool kind, like the perpetual-motion-Mandelbrot-and-Julia-set sort of thing. If they were a better team getting more press, the Rowell/Mullin/Nelson-led soap opera would rival”Who Shot J.R.?” for soap of the last hundred years. Jax likes Rowell, who is shoving Mullin toward the door, Mullin has not much contact with Nellie, who’s been hot and cold on Jax. Monta says he doesn’t like the situation into which he’s getting ready to jump, they’re already shopping Assist King Maggette, Anthony Randolph can’t even see the bottom of the doghouse, Anthony Morrow doesn’t know how to take any of it, and through it all, Biedrins is a freaking rebound machine. They matched an offer for Kelenna, Baron’s gone. I feel like I’m watching the Blair Basketball Project after I’ve raided Darius Miles’ diet pill stash.

But wait-that’s not all-there’s more!!!!!!

The real problem?

Unless and until they move one or both of the two (which, by the way, I’ll be playing center for the W’s before any other team takes on one of these cats. I’m 39 and 5’11”.), the Warriors will be paying (roughly)21 MILLION DOLLARS A SEASON to Ellis and Maggette combined. That, my friends, is: T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Trouble. By the way, both of those guys would ideally be shooting guards, but as mycoblogger Zack loves to point out, Maggette is likely yet another 6’6″ PF for the Warriors. Hardy-har-har. Six years,66 for Moped,5/50 for Blackhole Blue Devil. No, I haven’t mentioned the Biedrins contract, because, IMO, he’s worth it. Blocks shots, barely old enough to have a beer legally, eats rebounds three meals a day. His FT’s aren’t exactly Billups-esque, but he’s even improved those.

And all that being typed, the PG problems the Warriors have make all this other stuff look like a church picnic.

Sure, our Grizzlies aren’t exactly on the cusp of true greatness-but the mess which must be cleaned up is a glass of spilled milk compared to the EPA Superfund site that is spreading its toxic tentacles around Oracle Arena.

“WE BELIEVE”. I want to, but the fond memories of ousting the Mavs are being consumed and erased by the increasing level of utter discombobulation….

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