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Chris Herrington works weekends, ladies and gentlemen. The Flyer’s resident Grizz guru came through in a big way the past two days covering the news about the hiring of Lionel Hollins as the newest head coach.

First, he poses some questions and supplies his own analysis about what the Hollins’ hiring really means.

Then he gives us the first concrete news that former Blazers and Sixers coach Maurice Cheeks will not be joining Hollins staff this season, and that it looks very unlikely that he will join it this offseason either.

Finally, he gets some great quotes during and after the press conference introducing Lionel Hollins as the head coach, including the following nuggets:

I want to see if Mike Conley is a basketball player on a high level, Hollins says. I understand the pressure of being a high pick, of being the first guard picked. I was the #6 pick. But I want to see what he can do. Im going to give him a lot of freedom, but Im also going to push him.

You can have two guys scoring 20 points, but that means nothing if the other guys arent contributing. Forty points wont beat anybody. — Hollins

On one tangent, Heisley expressed regret about trading Jason Williams and James Posey for Eddie Jones: The Eddie Jones deal was a disaster for us, he said.

Since Chip and I were unable to attend the press conference due to prior engagements, we are very thankful for the tremendous job that Chris was able to do in gathering information and supplying some insightful analysis over on Beyond the Arc. We’re also looking forward to hearing what Peter Edmiston, Geoff Calkins, Eli Savoie and Chris Vernon have to say about the hire over the next few days on the local airwaves.

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