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3Shades of Blue has been workingbehind the scenesthis year to determine what people most want to know about this year’s Memphis Grizzlies team. As the Mid-Season break rapidly approaches (and the trade deadline too) we felt it was time to let out what we have learned. Understand that these are not just our questions, but if you believe we missed an important one feel free to addit in the comment section.

1) Marc Gasol -How many times did Pau check for blood when you got into fights as kids?

2) Darius Miles -Youare supposed to be more mature now, but you still fist-bump your head after dunks. Haven’t you outgrown that yet? Do you and Quentin Richardson still do it when you talk to each other on the phone? Maybe send pictures to each other over your cell phone throughout the week?

3) O.J. Mayo -When was the last time youlaughed out loud (or displayed any emotion)….anywhere? Have you been taking robot lessons from Tim Duncan?

4) Hakim Warrick -Seriously Hak,what’s up withthe goatee? That thing should have its own website.

5) Quinton Ross -How does it feel to be the only former SMU player in the NBA?

6) Darrell Arthur -Do you have time for a quick math quiz?

7) Marko Jaric -You’re not the best looking guy in the world. How did you get Adriana Lima? Did Serbian scientists come up with a working love potion?

8) Darko Milicic -You wouldn’t really do all of those things you told the refs in Greece you’d do….would you?

9) Kyle Lowry – You’re a very physical player more often than not. You’d actually rather be a running back in the NFL, wouldn’t you?

10) Mike Conley – Seriously, how old is Greg Oden?

11) Greg Buckner – Have youdone anything that would draw attention to yourself…ever?

12) Hamed Haddadi -Have you ever ridden a camel? If so, did your feet drag?

13) Rudy Gay -Have you ever thought about changing your name? You know, to something like Stan or Dave?

14) Steve Francis -Wait, what do you mean he’s gone already?

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