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The Grizzlies didn’t make a second big trade at the deadline last week, despite being linked to many of the rumors swirling around. Instead, they made a minor move that utilized one of their many trade exceptions to snag former University of Texas big man Dexter Pittman from the Miami Heat, as well as their 2nd round draft pick. In order to find out a little more about Pittman, we turned to fellow ESPN TrueHoop Network writer Tom Haberstroh of the Heat Index.

3 Shades of Blue:  Who is Dexter Pittman?

Tom Haberstroh: A foul-prone large man who used to be 400 pounds and loves him some “Game of Thrones.”

3SOB:  Which is more valuable, Dexter Pittman or the 2013 2nd round draft pick?

TH:  Dexter Pittman. The league would have punished the Grizzlies if they didn’t fill that roster spot so that’s something. The second-round pick will be 59th as of now. Seven of the last nine 59th picks never played in an NBA game. Remember Chinemelu Elonu? Didn’t think so.

3SOB:  If Pittman couldn’t play on height-challenged Miami, should Memphis with their depth of big men, expect to see Pittman anywhere but the D-League this year?

TH:  Probably not. If he plays, Grizz fans who love high-pitched sounds will be happy though; Pittman is Haddadi-esque in his whistle-drawing ways.

3SOB:  Now Tom. That is harsh. Is he really that bad? Who would you prefer: Hamed Haddadi or Dexter Pittman?

TH:  The answer is no.

3SOB:  The rumor is that the Heat want to fill the roster spot with another big. Did the Grizzlies err in giving the Heat a roster spot to pick up a player rather than finding a different big themselves?

TH:  Nah. You can’t worry about what the Heat will or won’t do with that roster spot. If it goes to Lou Amundson, I don’t think the Memphis FO will sweat it. The Grizzlies had a need, the Heat had a need and both teams filled it. Voila!

3SOB:  Realistically, did this trade make a difference for either team come the playoffs?

TH:  No. Not unless Pittman thinks Lance Stephenson needs an elbow to the head.

Our thanks go out to Tom for his insight and droll commentary.

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