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It’s tough, if not impossible, to understand who it is who doesn’t want to give the ball to Zach Randolph. Thought we got rid of that guy.

Of course, that wasn’t the only problem in this game. Here is an “unlucky seven” things, along with, of course, some great audio from 3SOB’s Lee Smith:

-DA had the roughest game shooting-wise I remember, and Ed Davis is just not there integration-wise yet. Combine this with the fact that Gortat’s start to the game, with 13 points in seemingly thirty or so seconds of game time, and it once again spells doom for the Grizzlies-outscored by double digits in paint scoring (52-40).

-Speaking of big guys having bad games, it’s about time that the truth about whatever it is that’s ailing Marc Gasol comes to light. And if there’s nothing physically wrong with the guy, he might wanna call up the sports psych that Conley visited a year or three ago. Yes, he’s had a couple  good games, but of late, he’s mostly been visiting Slump City. It’s always been the case, of course, that Gasol and ZBo have trouble handling hyperathletic guys like McGee, Griffin, etc…but, uh, Gortat and Scola don’t exactly count in that class. 2-8 with 3 reb and 4 (!) TO’s in 23 minutes? Sure, he fouled out, but playing his style of defense should not foul him out, right? Right?  Are we *sure* we think this guy belongs in the all-star game? I’m pretty good  about not jerking my knee too hard over one game…but it’s been more than one game.

-I WILL NOT SAY THAT LIONEL IS TANKING TO GET BACK AT THE FRONT OFFICE FOR “BREAKING UP THE TEAM”. However, the lack of ZBo touches plus that Arthur three at the end are just, well, things that are very questionable from a coaching perspective. Ya think he wants another center? Check out the postgame audio…

[soundcloud id=’78040429′]

-Conley, again. Guess what, Conley goes 3-11 and the Grizzlies lose. Forget Rudy, Speights, Ellington, the luxury tax, affordable internet access for developing countries, and  all the rest. Conley’s performances are supremely relevant to the Grizzlies’ overall team fortunes this season, and a long-armed PG who is talented at both shooting and penetrating like Dragic always spells trouble for MC11. Check out Conley’s comments about “rebuilding chemistry”:

[soundcloud id=’78042473′]

-Well, at least ZBo had a good shooting night. Who knows how much better it could have been…and ZBO was NOT happy about only getting one FGA in the fourth. Will the new battle be Bayless v. ZBo? On the next episode of “Days of Our Grizz”…

[soundcloud id=’78042590′]

-Kendall Marshall’s threes. The difference in the game? An anomalous stat like his 3-5 from three is the kind of “some nobody beat the Griz tonight” line we used to see back in the dark days of 07-09. Was it that the Grizzlies were so concerned that they were getting beaten up in the paint that allowed Marshall that extra .3 or so seconds to line up his shot? Was Bayless thinking too much about his amazing 11/15 shooting night to stay up on Kendall once or twice? Notice…two of these insane scoring games for Bayless lately have been…that’s right, losses. This ain’t a jump-shooting team….but like my man ZBo said, that’s how it was tonight.

-Giving up 31 points at home in a fourth quarter is just bad, especially considering that the Grizzlies led by six going into the final frame. Dragic was largely responsible for the torrent of PHX points, but it can’t all be laid at the feet of the perimeter D.

Also, as I type this, the Grizzlies are about to lose homecourt….almost.  The Nuggets have..guess what…ratcheted up their defense in the fourth. Winning teams do this….

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