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For All-Star Sunday’s recap, the “Shades” will be split into individual posts. Counting backwards this time, let’s start with…

Shade 3: The events!

The 2013 NBA All-Star Game!


–          First Quarter

  • In extremely fitting fashion, the game started off with a Chris Paul assist to a Blake Griffin dunk. Shortly thereafter there was another. No surprise there.
  • The quarter consisted of a whole lot of CP3, actually, as he sank a 3, picked up a few steals, and dropped a handful of assists in the period, all the while spoiling the fans with some pretty dribbling moves.
  • Best alley for the quarter in my opinion goes to Carmelo Anthony’s fast-break lob to Lebron.
  • Tyson Chandler pulled down 4 rebounds in short order.

–          Second Quarter

  • Kyrie Irving made his mark early with his blow by speed, fancy handles, and beautiful jumper. The kid is special. I feel confident in saying that it’s just his first of many all-star games.
  • As soon as Griffin and Paul got back into the game together, it was lob city, as they connected for another one. Man, CP3 is elite with few equals in terms of passing and handles. He, Kobe, and Blake executed a volleyball “bump, set, spike” esque alley with about two minutes to go in the half.
  • Kevin Durant kept doin’ what he do scoring the ball, leading all scorers with 19, while Kobe kept doin’ what he doesn’t normally do, logging 7 assists by halftime.
  • The alley oop of the quarter might have to go to Dwyane Wade’s toss to Tyson Chandler in the final minute. Showing off his length, Tyson reached up into the stratosphere to throw it down.
  • Team Western Conference headed into the break with a four point advantage over the East.

–          Halftime

  • No one, no one, no one can get in the way of how I’m feeling about Alicia Keys’ performance!

–          Third Quarter

  • Back to the action. The first real play of note was Dwight Howard taking a step back and spotting up for three. I think it’s safe to say that even in an exhibition, I didn’t see that coming.
  • Chris Paul continued his star-studded display extending his totals to double-double status about halfway into the quarter, by dropping some dimes, kicking a three, and taking it to the hole for an and one.
  • James Harden got his hometown crowd going with a couple of 3 pointers.
  • Surprisingly there was not too much to speak of in the alley oop department, this quarter.
  • Both teams eclipsed the 100 point mark, as each team scored 39 points in the period.

–          Fourth Quarter

  • Russell Westbrook and James Harden showed off that they’ve still got some of the chemistry they built together in OKC, as they knew each other’s spots and seemed to trade possessions to start the fourth.
  • Mama there goes that man again: Kyrie drills an open three in the corner. And for his next trick drills a contested one from the same spot.
  • Kevin Durant rode the elevator for a real nice jam, to extend his lead atop all scorers.
  • As if on cue, Paul lobbed another one up to Blake for two.
  • Kobe had a nice hesitation drive to the rack on Chris Bosh. To be honest, it seems like everyone has driven on Chris Bosh at some point tonight.
  • With a string of good possessions combined with stops, boldly highlighted by a Kobe block on King James that led to a Kevin Durant breakaway jam, the West began to pull away to a 10 point lead with 2:33 to go. Some more defense from the West, including another block of Lebron at the hands of Kobe, and a dagger three from Chris Paul sealed the deal.

–           Result

  • The West held on to victory with a score of 143-138.
  • If this post didn’t make it apparent enough, Chris Paul was the star of the night and he took home MVP honors to show it. He finished with 15 assists, 4 steals, and 20 points on 70% shooting.


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