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Painful. Just painful to watch a team give up a massive lead two nights in a row.

THAT BLOCK CALL ON GASOL WAS AWFUL. The NBA should come out with one of those “we missed that one” statements, but won’t. Five-on-eight.

Yeah, it’s silly to whine about officiating when the Griz manage to win in spite of questionable whistles-but this game and that one play  in particular were just really, really poorly called. Even on that last play-the amount of time that ran off after the whistle was blown on the Lee foul was due to flat-out incompetence. They even halfheartedly reviewed it, and didn’t change it. Awful.

Several numbers tell the story….-68.4. That’d be the Grizzlies’ FT % on the night. 26-for-38 just ain’t gonna cut it. Would the Griz have been able to get and maintain separation if TA and Rudy hadn’t failed on six FT’s in Q4? I’d say odds are better than even on that. Now’s the time to get good at making clutch FT’s-that’s something that must happen in the playoffs if the Griz should be able to get to the second season. The number of attempts is great but expected-it means the Griz did what was smart to get the Warriors to foul-but 68% with all those clutch misses is just not good enough.

-12. We all know what this one is. Too many threes surrendered-and it wasn’t just the threes. Once they got hot, the lanes opened up and the “keep jackin’ ’em ’til they start falling” strategy was validated. It’s been a weak spot for the Griz’ defense, and again, if the playoffs wind up being a goal that is reached, playing teams like, well, the Spurs, Clippers, Blazers, Mavericks, or Thunder could be a problem. Wait. That’s a lot of teams. Huh. Gotta figure that one out too.

-+17. Ekpe Udoh has become a +/- uh, “legend” in some circles, and he’s quickly proving that such a rightfully maligned statistic can actually have redeeming value when it becomes such a constancy. The guy is good-he’s got a nice combination of pogostick athletic ability with positioning smarts, and a couple of fairly reliable offensive moves. Fouler, but who on GSW isn’t?

-+14. The Grizzlies outrebounded the Warriors, and they should. Biedrins is an insanely talented rebounder, but has always lacked the mindset to truly dominate the glass. Gasol, Speights, and Gay combined for 27 boards, and that’s good business no matter the opponent.

-7 of 12. Yeah, OJ, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. More importantly than just the scoring, though, is the fact that OJ ran the offense for stretches when Conley was not in the game and was still able to hook up a basket or two. His recent funk, unsurprisingly, coincided with the Selby/Pargo co-benching, causing him to have to focus on trying to run the offense and not as much on sinkin’ the longball. Seeing OJ at the top of the key in this game actually didn’t make me more likely to change the channel until the TO was made.

-one million. That’s the number of times that Laker fans have wished that they could have kept that throw-in little-brother in the Pau trade. HAHAHHA.

Houston on Monday, and I’m not expecting a good result. Whiny Kyle Lowry will exact his revenge at some point, and it could be less than 48 hours away.

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4 Responses to Two Wins, By Two Points Total. Grizzlies Defeat Warriors.

  1. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Watching the charge call on Gasol was particularly painful, and the missed free throws! Thank you Gay for the late buckets and Tony for the win.

  2. EdwardNo Gravatar says:

    What a game. What a last few games. Makes my heart stop. Let’s get this one at Houston and not fall for the trap game.

  3. boNo Gravatar says:

    hollins sub-pattern continues to bewilder me.
    and i don’t mean the who’s…
    it/s the when’s.
    gasol and speights clearly out of gas.
    we fall behind…..
    finally gets haddadi in game, and with par(gone) and poindexter(sic) in game, we actually take the lead!! mostly due to haddadi’s blocked shots and rebounds, and over-all energy he brought into game. and gasol then not dead at end of game.
    coach : please get haddadi in and rest gasol more……………………………
    oj at point guard really works. gets conley rest without killing the offense. then let pargo(ne) come in against THEIR
    back-up pg for stretches………………

  4. jiimy johnsNo Gravatar says:

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