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Sam Amico’s (@Fox) question is, will O.J. Mayo still be on team after March 15?  Lots of comments about the TAM uniforms.  Some critical works about Rudy by Robson @SI.

*Note: Tom Ziller @ SBNation changed the way he rated this week to the lovability of a team.  It wasn’t really worth posting, but what the heck it is Valentine’s Day.  SBNation says the Grizz’ marketing department is brilliant.

Average ranking for the week is 17.62 (not including actual standings and SBNation).  Some may notice that I dropped Covers because the new rankings come out so late in the week.  If you want to check it yourself here is the link Covers Rankings

2011-12 Power Rankings for the week of February 13
Click on Grizzlies logo to go to team web page for each media’s site.
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger ProBBTalk HoopsW’d SBNation*
on 02-14 02-13 02-14 02-13 02-14 02-14 02-14 02-14 02-13 02-13 02-06
1 Oklahoma City Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Chicago Chicago Miami Miami Sacramento 1
2 Chicago Chicago Chicago San Antonio Chicago Chicago Miami Miami Chicago Chicago Minnesota 2
3 Miami Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Chicago Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Oklahoma City San Antonio LA Clippers LA Clippers Dallas 3
4 Philadelphia LA Clippers San Antonio LA Clippers Philadelphia LA Clippers San Antonio Philadelphia Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Charlotte 4
5 San Antonio San Antonio Dallas Oklahoma City San Antonio San Antonio Philadelphia Portland San Antonio San Antonio New Orleans 5
6 LA Clippers Philadelphia LA Clippers Philadelphia Dallas Philadelphia LA Clippers Oklahoma City Philadelphia Philadelphia New York 6
7 Atlanta Dallas Philadelphia Indiana LA Clippers Indiana Dallas LA Clippers Dallas Atlanta Golden State 7
8 Indiana Atlanta LA Lakers LA Lakers Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Dallas Indiana Orlando Oklahoma City 8
9 Dallas Indiana Atlanta Dallas Orlando Dallas Portland Indiana Atlanta Indiana Philadelphia 9
10 Orlando LA Lakers Orlando Boston Indiana LA Lakers Denver LA Lakers Denver LA Lakers Boston 10
11 LA Lakers Boston Boston Denver LA Lakers Denver Indiana Houston Orlando Dallas Chicago 11
12 Houston Denver Denver Atlanta Denver Orlando LA Lakers Denver LA Lakers Houston Denver 12
13 Denver Orlando Indiana Orlando Boston Portland Houston Boston Houston Denver Toronto 13
14 Boston Houston Houston Portland Houston Boston Atlanta Boston Boston San Antonio 14
15 Portland Portland Portland Minnesota Portland Houston Orlando Orlando New York Utah Phoenix 15
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger ProBBTalk HoopsW’d SBNation
16 Utah New York New York Houston New York New York Boston Portland Portland Indiana 16
17 Minnesota Memphis A New York Utah Utah Utah New York Utah 17
18 New York Utah Utah Utah Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota New York Portland 18
19 Minnesota Minnesota Golden State Milwaukee Milwaukee Golden State Phoenix Houston 19
20 Golden State Phoenix Golden State Golden State Minnesota Golden State Milwaukee Phoenix Minnesota Utah 20
21 Milwaukee Milwaukee Phoenix Phoenix Milwaukee Golden State New York Utah Milwaukee Milwaukee Atlanta 21
22 Phoenix Cleveland Milwaukee Sacramento Phoenix Sacramento Phoenix Phoenix Cleveland Golden State LA Lakers 22
23 Cleveland Golden State Sacramento Milwaukee Cleveland Phoenix Cleveland Cleveland Sacramento Cleveland Cleveland 23
24 Sacramento Toronto Toronto Toronto Sacramento Cleveland Sacramento Toronto Golden State Sacramento Orlando 24
25 Toronto Sacramento Cleveland Cleveland Toronto Toronto Toronto New Orleans Detroit Toronto Detroit 25
26 Detroit Detroit Detroit Washington Detroit Detroit New Orleans Sacramento Toronto Detroit Milwaukee 26
27 New Jersey New Jersey Washington Detroit New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey 27
28 Washington Washington New Jersey New Jersey Washington Washington Detroit Detroit Washington Washington LA Clippers 28
29 New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans Washington Washington New Orleans New Orleans Miami 29
30 Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Washington 30
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger ProBBTalk HoopsW’d SBNation


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5 Responses to Power Rankings – Week of Feb. 13

  1. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t find anywhere on SBNation where they say “the Grizz marketing department is brilliant”

  2. AlexNo Gravatar says:

    Whatever. I could care less. Without ZBO, when Portland finishes their losing effort tonight we will be tied for the 8th spot in the west. There’s been lots of doom and gloom on this blog(not this post), but we’re still right in the thick of this thing, and our best player is banging a path back to the court. Go Grizz

  3. CarlCRNo Gravatar says:

    I agree Alex. The guys who do this have little faith in the Grizz. The only ones that don’t nose dive Memphis when they lose are the statistically calculated ones: Sagarin and Hollinger. That’s why at this point they have them ranked the highest.

    It will be interesting to see if some boost the Grizzlies after ZBo returns.

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