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Must . . . resist . . . fight urge . . . to . . . succumb to . . . media hype over . . . wait . . . must not say name of NBA Sensation leading Asian Invasion . . . ARGH!

Can’t do it. I like Jeremy Lin. Great story, good maybe even great player, seems to be a genuinely good guy. And, what’s more, looks like he could have been playing on Beale:

For the record, I don’t think Lin would have stuck here, or if he had, that he’d have morphed into what we’re seeing now. In his rookie year, he’d have been competing with Greivis Vasquez for minutes, but there’s NO WAY he’d have supplanted Mike Conley for the starting gig. With his turnover rate, Hollins would have benched him or . . . released him, like two other teams did before. For all his talent, Jeremy Lin’s success is the result of a perfect storm: a Knicks team in need of a point guard; a coach with a system that maximizes his talents; Carmelo Anthony & Amare Stoudemire being out; Lin playing on the HUGE stage of Madison Square Garden.

Still, I wonder: What would life be like if he’d played in LIN-phis? Would he have lived somewhere on LIN-chester Road? Or would he live somewhere near Grace-LIN?


Must fight urge . . . to use . . . LIN puns . . .

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One Response to Did The Grizz miss a Gold-LIN Opportunity?

  1. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Barone too busy picking draft busts to give lin a chance.
    You are right Hollins never will give up on Conley even if it were another Rubio.

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