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Confirmed by the following Tweet from Ron Tillery, the Grizzlies are expected to sign Santa Cruz Warriors guard Seth Curry this Monday.

Seth Curry is a sweet-shooting guard in need of little introduction. The Duke product with a genetic predisposition to sinking the three ball swung a training camp invite from Golden State, but could not cling to the roster in the preseason. He is currently averaging 21.3 points and 7.8 assists per game with the Warriors’ D-League affiliate, while shooting 33.8% from the arc.

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2 Responses to Report: Grizzlies to sign Seth Curry

  1. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    I was a HUUUUUGE fan of Steph in college and when he started in the pro’s. I believe that to be a truly great shooter on the basketball court, you need a certain gift, or genetic trait to be able to consistently hit the long ball. Anyone can hit a 3 with some practice, but there is something more to the players who are dead eye marksman. That being said, I believe with some hard work, and some show of faith by our fans and staff, Seth will become a great asset to our team. his Brother, and his father are fantastic shooters, and I believe Seth has the work ethic, and the god given talent to truly be a scary 3 point shooter, we just need to have patience and faith. I cant tell you how much being trusted, and given a chance can do to a players psyche.

  2. Memphizzz10No Gravatar says:

    This is from my Memphis nickname LP. Who was born and raised from the concrete up in hickory hill Memphis10. LONG STORY SHORT. I’m going to sum up some things and give my opinions and suggestions on what needs to happen for the m town gangsta grizz. Writers please respond bc I’m taking the time to HELP and air out some frustations with the grizz team, mgmt and the coach!! Please relay this message to who it concerns to make these changes happen and make the fans and people of the city of Memphis happy and have HOPE again. #1 giving more pt and chances to the right players with potential that can help and actually hoop/knows how to play ball.
    Jon Leur =smart,shooting,defense,rebound,good energy and potential hard working star.
    Ed Davis = future potential. Also Maybe star.
    Jamal Franklin= a chance for your draft pick YOU chose to prove himself.
    James Johnson= second chance,young,tall,weight, good size,defense, quicker ,faster ,all better than prince and miller who are just too old and at the end of the road.
    #2 better coaching = Dave needs to be more agressive and meaner to gain the respect of the younger players and the team as a whole. Attitude reflects leadership!! Better creative plays that actually make sense and go with our style of play and maximizes our teams strong attributes. Go back to Grit and Grind, duh! One two punches in the paint and kick outs,we have to shoot better in all , you have to shoot more 3s to get better at 3 point shooting. This has to change. We cannot continue to be terrible at 3s. We should and have to be strong at all and every categories. Thats what a real nba team should strive to be. Well rounded.
    #3 trades need to be made.
    Trades need to happen but only trade the RIGHT terrible players that NEED to be traded for the RIGHT good players we need and can HELP our team fill the bad gaps and holes in the categories we need help in.
    Please trade the following…
    Prince = for a better younger shooting guard. Prince can’t shoot anymore, he scared to shoot 3s. Too old to move feet to play defense. Doesnt drive to the hole anymore. He’s at the end and costing us money. We can SAVE money, we’re paying to much money for his age and lack of play, are you kidding me, he sucking our cap space up. Please make up for the terrible Rudy gay trade for a senior citizen vet prince.
    Miller= trade him for a better ,younger SG. Millers problem is the same as prince.
    Tony Allen= maybe and probably should trade him for someone who can play offense and defense. Tony’s defense is good but his lack of offense and WACK shooting form release is terrible and has not helped or improved and will not. He is like a shriek, no shooting touch ,no dribbling skills at all,no smoothness. If you trade him you can save some money again, free cap space, I promise no body in Memphis will be mad but totally understandable of this move. Have to have a player who can provide defense and OFFENSE!!! Plus you just signed Q PON to a deal, so keep Q but trade tony.

    #4 make the right smart trades for a potential future or right now awesome season/playoff runnin team for years to come. This is what the people and city of Memphis deserve and have been waitin for for a long time.

    #5 Making the right smart aggressive decisions = HOPE and BELIEF for a AWESOME MEMPHIS GRIZZILIES NBA TEAM!!!!!

    Stay tuned for the next 5 tips for a total of MEMPHIZ10. From the REAL MEMPHIZZZ10 representative. LP = Landon Pike

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