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It appears that the front office is not content with standing by and watching the backcourt mess that has been the Grizzlies’ bench thus far. Per the seemingly omniscient Adrian Wojnarowski,

Taking a look the noted trio,

Darius Morris played in 12 games for the 76ers this season, before getting the boot late last month. Most notably, he dropped 20 points on the Pelicans just two games before being waived. Morris started 17 games for the Lakers last year (by default), and stands at 6’4 with the ability to run the point.

Reggie Williams is a 2-guard who saw his most recent NBA action this preseason with the Rockets, though he only saw the court for two games. His best NBA seasons came in Golden State’s up-tempo system, where he averaged 15.2 points per game through 24 games in 2010, and shot 42% from deep.


Last but not least, we have Seth Curry, who needs little introduction. The Duke product with a genetic predisposition to sinking long range jumpers was swung a training camp invite from Golden State, but couldn’t cling to the roster. He’s currently a member of the Warriors’ D-League affiliate, where he is averaging 19.8 points and 7.7 assists per contest, after pouring in 36 and 6 in their season-opener.

The Woj tweet insinuates that there could be more guards on their way to audition for the Grizzlies. Stay tuned, sports fans.



A 6’4 point guard with good passing skills and a suspect jumpshot, Kendall Marshall was drafted 13th overall last year by Phoenix, but struggled to claim his place in the rotation behind Goran Dragic. He was shipped out to Washington with Marcin Gortat just prior to the season, and was subsequently waived.

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6 Responses to Updated: Grizzlies to work out trio of guards this week

  1. GrizzNation13No Gravatar says:

    They might want to add Terrance Williams and Chris Douglas-Roberts to the roster and not just the list.

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  3. CounteNo Gravatar says:

    Bench mess? Bayless, Q, Miller, Davis, Leuer, Kosta. I promise the bench wouldn’t be a “mess” if coach played Q consistently. I wish I knew what he did to get in the dog house and what Tayshaun knows so he can stay on the court. SMH

  4. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    This is exciting. There are always guys who were in bad situations, teams with wrong expectations, or just bad personnel fits who can materialize into very solid rotation players (San Antonio is the infamous evil genius of utilizing this technique).

    I am very exited about a team with Kendall Marshall or Seth Curry able to run point behind Mike.

    I also assume this is a potential precursor to a move that will change the roster, likely Bayless moving out. Because why do you bring in 4 guards who are noted for scoring if you have Jerryd Bayless?

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