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Ok. Slump.

There, I said it.

From finding ways to win to finding ways to lose. The Grizzlies are still a mighty good team, but the last couple games have been like the second time through a batting order for a good pitcher-you better learn to alter your stuff a bit, or guys are gonna start roping pitches off the wall.

Or off the backboard in this case…

Excellent strategy and tactics by Gentry. Get outrebounded by almost 20 against the Grizzlies a few days ago..tell your team to beat up the boards like they  tried to take their lunch money. It was obvious from the start of the game that this was the move for the night, and they executed it. Straight hustle. Hard work. Also:

When the Suns went zone in the second quarter, the Grizzlies just, uh, well, uh, what do we do?

Ok…gonna hang this out there…I’d now like to officially utter my official condemnation of the Dante/Ellington trade. QPon as backup 2, Dante backup 3.  Frontcourt logjam be darned. I want to like Ellington as a Griz, I truly do-but on nights like this (and there have been many others since his flash in the pan), when we have to watch him play catchup on D and and darn near score the nine trillion…it’s tough.

The inability to score wasn’t really a product of shooting percentage-45% is plenty to get the job done-it was not being able to hold onto the $%^&*(#@ ball long enough to get a good shot on lots of possessions (15 TO’s to 73 total FGA’s) and getting beaten on the boards oh-so-badly. Also…it doesn’t really matter if you hold the opponent to 37% shooting, if they get 16 more FGA’s than you do. Rough, rough offensive outing for the Grizzlies for the second game in a row. We’re looking at you, Mike Conley, to get your hands back on the rudder (and on the stinkin’ ball). Bayless is obviously hearing the giant, threatening footsteps of Mike Bibby behind him..although Ellington is the one who will wind up catching splinters if and when the Grizzlies do sign another PG option.

The bench  went 6 for 16 again. That’s kinda weird, and bad. Seventeen total bench points. Ooooof. Sure, it’s a large percentage of such a paltry total output-but still…not good. A pg is looking like what the bench needs, as Bayless is obviously better suited to playing the SG position where he can put his substantial scoring skills to use without having to do it with the ball in his hands for ten/twelve seconds.

It’s not as if the NBA has “figured out the Grizzlies”-they’re not exactly a crafty, flashy team. They beat people up inside, and get it done with fundamental ball, and it’s just not happening. Time to adjust, and two road games in Denver and Utah respectively on a back-to-back will form the toughest test the Griz have faced this season by a good measure.

Can they pick themselves up off the floor?

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6 Responses to Grizzlies Score 80 WHOLE POINTS! But the Suns Scored 82.

  1. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    Marc Gasol: 40 minutes, 2 rebounds. Phoenix 19 offensive rebounds. This is on him.

  2. GrizzdocNo Gravatar says:

    So many things to get upset about… especially since this seems to be a trend since the San Antonio game rather than a one off lackluster effort. We have been doing just enough to win, and that will come back to bite you, ie tonight.

    What irritates me is the number of Gay iso plays down the stretch. That is such a low percentage option and the entire offense stagnates. Furthermore, Gay can’t handle the ball worth a damn and his fourth quarter turnovers are killing us.

    I am really worried that we are in the midst of a major slide. The lack of effort really hurts.

  3. chriskf1No Gravatar says:

    The bench… ugh! Certainly not a return to 2009, but its starting to look like death by 1000 cuts. Speights has lost his confidence as he’s lost his timing as he’s lost his PT… which is unfortunately necessary to try and get Arthur’s legs and timing back (but aren’t yet).

    And Bayless and Ellington? Total reversion to the mean — they are who we thought they were. Bayless is more combo than PG and Ellington is… well, not good. At this point there is absolutely no reason that Selby shouldn’t start getting Ellington’s minutes. I don’t see how he can do worse.

    Thank goodness for Q-Pon.

    Finally, Matt: right on about Cunningham… he would have been EXACTLY the shot in the arm the Griz needed against both ATL and PHX and — second only to TA — personified Grit-n-Grind better than any other Griz. I miss that dude.

  4. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Mike, Grizzdoc and chriskf1 are all correct.

    There is absolutely no excuse for a 7-footer to get TWO REBOUNDS in 40 minutes (unless your last name is Bargnani). We have NO ONE boxing out. Every time PHX got an offensive rebound, there were 3-4 Grizz RIGHT THERE UNDER THE BASKET.

    Rudy’s ISO plays 99% of the time end up in a no-call or a turnover.

    Our bench has lost touch. Bayless making bad, bad plays, Ellington…well, is Ellington, and Speights is trying WAY too hard. DA is currently the only redeeming quality coming off the pine.

    Just an awful game, but we’ll get back in our groove. Hopefully in 48 hours.


  5. grizzfanNo Gravatar says:

    This past 5 games has been anything but “grit and grind”. Giving up 19 offensives rebounds to the Suns is about as bad as it gets. I love Big Spain but 2 rebounds isn’t going to cut it. Even with bench problems the grizzlies should have beaten the suns. To many turnovers and to many 2nd chances.

  6. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    i agree all…….
    I don’t understand why ellington is still playing over selby…..
    selby is straight up a better basketball player…….

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