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What I need  is for some, uh, goofball to tell me ONE MORE TIME how ZBo is gonna be horrible for this  young team, how he’s a cancer, how he doesn’t care about anyone but himself…blahblahblah. The team has improved every year he’s been here.

His sizable frame carried the Grizzlies to this win.

As Jonny Olsen (who cares if I spelled that right)  might have said…”but that’s not all!”….

The Grizzlies did not play very well in this game overall. Also, water is reportedly wet.

Had the home team executed all the things usually found in their collective quiver, this game would have gone quite differently. But they didn’t. Major factors in the outcome?

-Turnovers. OOOOF. It stands out to us so much because we’re somewhat spoiled-giving up the ball 19 times to PHX’s 16 was an uncharacteristically horrid performance by the Grizzlies. Nice to see that Bayless, however, was credited with zero, as he has had his issues with making the right pass to the right spot. Troubling is how the turns came, to0-twelve steals for the Suns is a number that will have Lionel’s blood pressure shooting high.

-Rebounds. Ok, they did this one spectacularly well. 50-32 Grizzlies, due in no small part to ZBo’s heroics. The starting frontline grabbed 38 of the 50, which is another stat to pile on the “lucky they pulled out the win” stack-the, uh, BENCH needs to contribute more in this area.

-Second half hustle. After another sub-40% first half, the Griz ended the game at 47%.


I’m re-watching the OT period, and it’s just…just…TOO. MUCH. ZBO. The block on Beasley. The wrestling-match putback over Gortat previous to that (which should have landed Gortat at 201 Poplar with an assault arrest). The rainbow. Just amazing.

Ok. The second half and the OT. Conley had a rough, rough game on offense, but that three to open the OT absolved him of whatever may have come before.  After the miss on the FT on the clear path foul, the missed three…I was hoping that the shrinking violet of old would not come around, and it didn’t. One assist to three TO’s…collect that, save it on your DVR…’cuz you ain’t likely to see that again anytime soon. Gasol seemed a bit slow to screen and cut this night…his health and quickness will bear watching over the season. Darrell Arthur’s return should help with this aspect of the Griz’ overall game, and it better. Can’t get to April and May (JUNE?) with Gasol on empty.

BENCH. BENCH. 8-20, but a plus-four overall. Ellington made three of nine, and I feel like throwin’ a party for the guy. That game against the Heat was as much a curse as a blessing for this guy…why couldn’t that have happened against the Bobcats or something? Oh well. When 3-9 is a highlight of the last couple games, the only way to go is up. He’s where he is supposed to be, it’s just not falling. Speights barely saw the floor, and Bayless was the invisible man. DA and Pondexter will carry the bench this season, which is ok-that’s what we’d expect-but a truly elite team has more than seven players upon whom they can count to help keep the wins coming as the season ages.

Great win, but not without its flaws and frailties (namely BEING BEHIND FOR ALMOST THE WHOLE GAME).

Couple days off, then a trip to New Orleans. Be ready Grizzlies.

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4 Responses to Another OT Game….ZBOOOOOOOOO Grizzlies Defeat Suns

  1. All wroten all dayNo Gravatar says:

    Z-bo “I had a good game” gortat “(enthic accent) truth be told you were behind most of the game”. Z-bo “YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!”. Good grit and grind win. Although we are going to need Ellington to show up more in games where q-pon and DA and speights do not.
    “I always save my Q-pons”

  2. HadToHappnNo Gravatar says:


    Nuff said.

  3. alvin oNo Gravatar says:

    the defence during OT was just what was needed to win the game; blks and stls esp from zbo and gay…

  4. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome game to be at. The Griz always seem to draw their opponents’ best effort and hottest hands. We are the team everyone wants to beat now.

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