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There are a lot of  rumors swirling about this weekend regarding Marc Gasol and O.J. Mayo. I’ll try to make as much sense of them as I can.

First, let’s tackle O.J. Rumors have resurfaced that Indiana and Memphis are once again swapping Mayo for F Josh McRoberts and a 1st round draft pick. This is the same deal that was on the table at the deadline last season that failed to be completed in a timely manner. If done, it would have to be a sign-and-trade deal, as McRoberts is a free agent now.

With Mayo in the final year of his contract, this could be a way of trading him while his value is still high after his great performance in the playoffs. His play for most of the season was underwhelming in a de facto contract situation, so the team might worry about him having another disappointing year and having to let him walk for nothing in the offseason.

The other thought is that the Grizzlies are loaded at the two guard positions (Conley, Vasquez, Selby, Allen, Young, Henry, Smith, and the recently signed Jeremy Pargo) and relatively slim in the frontcourt, with Randolph, Arthur, a re-signed Gasol and Haddadi their only capable players. They need another quality big man in the worst way. In McRoberts, they would get a legit big man (6’10”, 245 lbs.) with range and rebounding ability. Not a bad guy to have as your 4th big man.

Even though the rumors state that this is in an “advanced stage”, we all know that nothing is final until the contracts get signed.

The far more interesting rumor is that the Houston Rockets have offered a max deal to Marc Gasol and that they are in discussions with the Grizzlies about a sign-and-trade deal. Given what owner, Michael Heisley, has said about retaining Gasol, I find the second part of that rumor to be ridiculous. If the Rockets had truly offered their max to Gasol and he had accepted it, then the Grizzlies would have quickly matched it and we’d all be celebrating now.

However, the Commercial Appeal is reporting that the Grizzlies made an offer to Gasol on Friday, and that he hasn’t accepted or declined it yet. If that is true, then all of this becomes a little more disconcerting. The most plausible explanation is that his agent, Arn Tellem, is trying to leverage this into a full-max deal for Gasol. That’s far more palatable for Grizz fans than the thought of Gasol wanting out of Memphis entirely, of course. There has been nothing from his camp to indicate that he is unhappy in Memphis or that negotiations with the team have gone badly, so I’m leaning towards Tellem looking to score as much money as possible.

Of course, there is a chance that Houston is leaking these rumors in an effort to lure Nene’ as well. At this point, it’s all speculation and nothing concrete…so it’s a typical offseason in the NBA once again. We’ll try to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Update via  OK, now we know the price for the talk is $55 million. That’s evidently what it will cost for Memphis to match a four-year offer sheet to center Marc Gasol from the Rockets.

David Aldridge says Heisley will match, as well.

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19 Responses to Rumors Galore

  1. ClaytonNo Gravatar says:

    $13.75 million per year. After what people have been writing lately, it’s a bargain.

  2. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    Is mcroberts any good? I mean His PPG is horrible, he has height, but OJ is a solid player who was getting his 3 pt shot back near the end of our playoff run. I understand the thought here, but it just does not really make that much sense to me, to trade for height, and Low point production for a few possible extra rebounds.I dont follow the pacers enough to really know exactly what i am talking about, But I feel OJ is no where near his ceiling yet, he just needs to step it up a bit.

    • Jay BNo Gravatar says:

      McRoberts is a decent big. He’s no all-star (neither is OJ), but he’s solid rebounder, a good passer for a big man, a better defender than you would think, and he does have some range. In short, as Red stated, he’s not a bad option as your fourth big. With the glut at shooting guard, and considering that OJ isn’t getting resigned next offseason, getting what should be a mid-first round pick in a deep draft isn’t terrible value for someone who isn’t starting. That being said, the team is taking a risk in that it’s trading away its best bench scorer and hoping that unproven players in Henry and Selby, among others, can pick up the scoring slack.

  3. RomanNo Gravatar says:

    Trading OJ is a mistake especially when you are just doing it for a big who will only get spot minutes in the rotation. Grizzlies need to keep OJ because like the previous comments he has not reach his ceiling yet and he played well during our playoff run.

  4. JazzNo Gravatar says:

    You trade a potential! Notice I said a potential All-Star player in OJ for McRoberts a definitely career bench warmer! I don’t get it. Only in the Movies and in Memphis:)

  5. Andy WatersNo Gravatar says:

    Good move to match Houston’s offer, good move to trade OJ for anything more than a horseshoe.

    Now to find a way to swing CP3 to Memphis…

  6. tronNo Gravatar says:

    i want this trade to happen because as a fan oj he will NEVER reach his potential in memphis. the reality is memphis has moved on and dont think high of oj anymore. look at his numbers as a starter. i think he can go to an eastern conference team and become an all star. he will be free agent next year and beleive me next season you will see him in a bulls uniform with derrick rose whom he is good friends with. i hope this move comes back to bite memphis in the butt becuase i think they arent giving mayo the respect he deserves.

  7. Arnold TompkinsNo Gravatar says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. Xochitl WichtermanNo Gravatar says:

    Great post!

  9. joffoNo Gravatar says:

    I dont think people understand the reason for this trade. With our core set and unquestioned, OJ has found himself to be the odd man out. A player who can score in spot minutes off the bench. The issues is that we have a starting calibre player in that role, and someone who will demand a salary next season at a rate deserving. With the contracts we have in place [and the one DEAR PLEASE GOD that we will sign in the next 3 days] we will not have the flexibility to make that happen, and in turn we have to compromise and get value for him while we can.

  10. ChipNo Gravatar says:

    The salary difference would be extremely helpful not only in resigning Gasol but down the road as well. Throw on top of that the need to free up PT for Xavier Hebry and Josh Selby and this move makes sense.

    Well it makes sense if either Selby or Henry prove capable of replacing Mayo’s points off the bench that is.

  11. StreetNo Gravatar says:

    I say we try and swing gasol and oj for dwight who’s with me??

  12. DylanNo Gravatar says:

    Okay, so I understand the reason for trading O.J. I really do. We have an abundance of guards and a lack of a back up big man. His contract is up next year and in all likelihood we wouldn’t be able/want to resign him.

    Here are my issues/questions. First, is McRoberts really the best option out there? He seems like a fairly low level big man. I know we aren’t going to net a Tyson Chandler type player, but there has to be someone out there that would make more sense.

    Second, What is stopping us from signing McRoberts before the Pacers do? I feel like we could net something else of value for OJ and we would have McRoberts already.

    Third, I get that everyone is really frustrated with OJ and is the “odd man out.” And this may be my own observations, but did it no seem that OJ turned a corner in the playoffs? He was huge for us enough so that we entered him into the starting line up.

    If we are trading OJ bc we wont resign him then so be it, but I don’t like the idea that we are trading him because he is the “odd man out”

  13. doodymanbdoingthishereNo Gravatar says:

    Just say NO to McNuggets! The guy is an overhyped ex-Dukie who wasn’t that good. I can understand the need for another quality Big but why get another clunker like McNuggets? JJ Hickson would have been much better. Why give up on Mayo so soon after he almost won rookie of the year? They already gave up Kevin Love for Mayo and now they want to compound that mistake by trading him for McLettuce? I still think they are wanting to trade the wrong guard. Conley is the one they should be trading but that isn’t about to happen. For OJ’s sake I hope they do trade him but at least get comparable value for the dude.

  14. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    ok, here is an Idea, instead of Mcroberts, go for Jason Smith, he is a C-F for NOH. He is an Inch taller then MC, he averaged 7.6 ppg compared to 4.9 from MC. He has a better FT%, granted his Most recent contract had him at about 1.5 Mil, he is a better player then MC for a little bit more green.

    • Jay BNo Gravatar says:

      Are you making up stats for Smith? He averaged 4.3 points and 3.1 rebounds a night. McRoberts’ numbers easily exceeded those, and that’s not explained by McRoberts getting more playing, as McRoberts had much better per 36 minutes numbers, as well as greatly superior advanced metrics. On top of that, Smith, being 7 feet tall, shoots under 45% from the field, which is abysmal for a big man. In short, he’s only marginally more useful than Haddadi. McRoberts isn’t great by any stretch, but you aren’t getting much better than him as your fourth big.

  15. KD LegendNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t like the idea of trading Mayo. He really showed what he could do in the playoffs last year, he is a gamer when it matters. If we lose both Mayo and Battier, we might not even make the playoffs and I’m serious about this. I know we are loaded at the guard position but Mayo is different from the rest for the most part as the others all do kind of the same things. If we are going to talk about trading players, why not trade Rudy as we went all the way to game 7 of the conference semifinals without and he has a huge contract.

  16. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    so, you are saying you are willing to trade Rudy and his 19.8 ppg, all the while keeping OJ and his 11.3 ppg? this makes no sense, sure we played fine without rudy, but why would you think we wouldn’t play even BETTER with one of, if not the best player our team has? honestly that does not make sense, sure his contract is pretty pricey compared to his numbers last season, but trading our most athletic player is not a good idea. now I am a big fan of OJ, I honestly want to keep him here, and i feel he had an off year and is turning a corner, but to just get rid of rudy b/c we played well w/o him in the playoffs is ridiculous. rudy is going to put the Grizz over the top, as long as we can keep the grit and grind we developed in the postseason.

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