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The preseason rankings are favorable to the Grizzlies.  Most think that they are one of the top 10 teams.  It will be interesting how they start the season as we haven’t seen the full starting line up on the floor in the two pre-season games.  Hopefully, Marc will be ready to play and the starting 5 will play well.  The subs are yet to really show they can play well. Coach Hollins has a lot of work to do I think.

John Schuhmann at had nice words for Arthur.  Britt Robson at SI recognizes that Heisley had spent the money to get the Grizzlies to playoff level team.  Matt Moore at CBS relates the Grizzlies in the top 10 to the apocalypse. ; /  Check out all the preseason comments below.Average ranking was 9.00 (not including actual ranking or Hollinger since he has not updated for this season.

 2010-11 Power Rankings as of April 13
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Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
4-13 12-21 12-20 12-23 12-20 12-20 12-20 4-13 12-23 12-19
1 Chicago Miami Miami: Grade=B+ Dallas Miami Miami LA Lakers Chicago Miami Dallas 1
2 San Antonio Dallas Oklahoma City: Grade=A Miami Dallas Oklahoma City Dallas Denver Chicago Miami 2
3 Miami Oklahoma City Dallas: Grade=Grade=B Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Chicago Orlando Miami Dallas Chicago 3
4 LA Lakers Chicago Chicago: Grade=A+ Chicago Chicago Dallas Boston LA Lakers Oklahoma City Oklahoma City 4
5 Dallas San Antonio Denver: Grade=B+ LA Clippers Boston LA Lakers Miami San Antonio LA Clippers LA Lakers 5
6 Boston LA Lakers LA Clippers: Grade=C+ New York LA Lakers Boston San Antonio Oklahoma City New York New York 6
7 Oklahoma City LA Lakers: Grade=B+ LA Lakers San Antonio Chicago Orlando LA Lakers Boston 7
8 Orlando New York Memphis A LA Clippers San Antonio Denver Boston Boston 8
9 Denver Boston New York: Grade=B Denver New York LA Clippers Oklahoma City Dallas Denver San Antonio 9
10 Portland  LA Clippers Boston: Grade=B San Antonio New York Portland Portland San Antonio LA Clippers 10
11 New Orleans
Orlando San Antonio: Grade=A Boston Orlando Atlanta Houston Houston Atlanta Portland 11
12 Portland Atlanta: Grade=C+ Orlando Atlanta Indiana Orlando 12
13 Atlanta Denver Philadelphia: Grade=B Indiana Portland Orlando Phoenix Philadelphia Orlando Denver 13
14 New York Indiana Indiana: Grade=B- Portland Indiana Denver New Orleans New York Philadelphia Philadelphia 14
15 Houston Philadelphia Portland: Grade=A- Houston Philadelphia Philadelphia Utah New Orleans Indiana Atlanta 15
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
16 Philadelphia Houston Houston: Grade=B Philadelphia Milwaukee Houston Atlanta Milwaukee Houston Houston 16
17 Phoenix Milwaukee Orlando: Grade=C Milwaukee New Jersey Portland Philadelphia Phoenix New Orleans Indiana 17
18 Utah Atlanta New Orleans: Grade=B+ Atlanta Utah Milwaukee Milwaukee Golden State Portland Milwaukee 18
19 Indiana Golden State Phoenix: Grade=C New Jersey Denver Phoenix New York Indiana Phoenix Phoenix 19
20 Golden State New Jersey Milwaukee: Grade=C- Minnesota Phoenix Golden State Indiana LA Clippers Milwaukee Golden State 20
21 Milwaukee Phoenix Sacramento: Grade=C- Golden State Houston Utah Golden State Utah Golden State Utah 21
22 Charlotte Minnesota Minnesota: Grade=D- Phoenix Golden State Detroit Charlotte Atlanta Sacramento Sacramento 22
23 LA Clippers New Orleans Golden State: Grade=C Utah Minnesota Minnesota Detroit Detroit New Jersey Washington 23
24 Detroit Detroit New Jersey: Grade=C Sacramento Toronto Washington LA Clippers Sacramento Minnesota New Jersey 24
25 New Jersey Washington Detroit: Grade=F Detroit Detroit Sacramento Cleveland Charlotte Detroit Detroit 25
26 Sacramento Sacramento Utah: Grade=D+ Toronto Cleveland Cleveland Sacramento Minnesota Washington Minnesota 26
27 Washington Utah Cleveland: Grade=C- Washington New Orleans New Jersey Toronto Toronto Cleveland New Orleans 27
28 Toronto Toronto Washington: Grade=C- New Orleans Washington New Orleans Washington New Jersey Charlotte Toronto 28
29 Cleveland Cleveland Toronto: Grade=C- Cleveland Sacramento Charlotte Minnesota Washington Utah Cleveland 29
30 Minnesota Charlotte Charlotte: Grade=C Charlotte Charlotte Toronto New Jersey Cleveland Toronto Charlotte 30
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger Covers ProBBTalk
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  1. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    looks like I was pretty much on the money with my prediction in your last article. GO GRIZZ!

  2. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    looks like I was pretty much on the money with my prediction in your last article. GO GRIZZ!

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