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The Grizzlies signed center Hamed Haddadi, Grizzlies General Manager and Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Wallace announced.

Huzzah! The season is saved!

Ok, so maybe that was hyperbolic, but it’s definitely good to have another 7-footer with skills back on the roster.

Haddadi made an appearance at the game last night, sitting with Chris Wallace after receiving an ovation upon his appearance inside the friendly confines of the Grindhouse once again.

This makes the release of veteran Brian Skinner two days ago much more reasonable. With Haddadi and Josh Davis as the backup centers, we should all feel a little more c0nfident going forward, although I still don’t think a trade is out of the question when Xavier Henry returns to full health.

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5 Responses to Grizzlies Sign Hamed Haddadi

  1. stevedNo Gravatar says:

    Whilst he isn’t a great player, he is miles better than Skinner. With Gasol off the floor, we can bring in Hamed as a shot blocker with the second unit.

  2. stevedNo Gravatar says:

    And he is single-handedly trying to break down the US-Iranian tension. Legend!

    • RNo Gravatar says:

      I laughed.

      Anyways, I think he showed real gains last year and a big body will get him far regardless of his limitations skill-wise. If a trade is in the future, I hope it’s for a 3-point threat (a base shooter) like a Kyle Korver or Daequan Cook. Xavier Henry or OJ Mayo would be my guess (sadly so, especially for Mayo).

      James Jones is barely in the rotation in Miami and his role is going to be even further minimized when Mike Miller returns. With Hollins’s offense-defense subs, the former 3-point champ could be a terrific threat at the end of games (he just proved it vs Minnesota). And between him and Rudy and Conley (improving as of last year), that could be a big improvement for the team.

  3. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Good that he is back. He will get more minutes because of the schedule this season so a trade may be in order if he becomes a liability.

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