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Joshua “Red”Coleman
Redfounded 3 Shades of Blue as a site for personal discussion of the Grizzlies. Red is a 31-year old Memphis native who has been an ardent Grizz fan since the franchise moved to the Bluff City in 2001. He hopes that the standards of integrity and accuracy that he strives to maintain have helped to make this blog a reliable source for information and opinions for Grizzlies and NBA fans alike.

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Chip Crain
The old man of the blog, Chip is 49 yrs old and has been an avid NBA fan since his college days at SMU following the expansion Dallas Mavericks. A veteran of the Grizzlies Message board, Chip was invited by Josh Coleman to join the blog at the start and was promoted to owner during Joshs sabbatical. Chip has developed close relationships within the Grizzlies organization which gives him access to the inner workings of the Memphis Grizzlies unsurpassed in the blogging universe. While being so close to the leadership has created problems with objectivity Chip tries hard to separate his personal feelings about the team with the feelings of those he talks to. Chip generally focuses on pre-game commentary during the season and interviews with Grizzlies insiders and players.

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Matt Noe
Hello. My name is Matthew Noe, and I’m an NBA junkie. My first favorite players were…hmmm…Elvin Hayes (oh that the Grizzlies could get a time machine and get him as a rebounder…), McAdoo, and Hondo (although I am of 1969 vintage and what I saw of Hondo was highlight reels by that point for the most part). Lifelong Memphian, avid cyclist (non-motorized, of course), and, most importantly, proud father of Hudson, 10/1/08 9lbs3oz (a future 4-man for the Grizzlies, I’m hoping already). My lovely wife is a willing League Pass widow-it means she gets to head off to bed whilst I see to the needs of the little one :). I’m a Grizzlies fan first and foremost, but I’m not afraid toexpress myself about just about anything.

Carl Chaplin

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Lee Eric Smith
Lee Eric Smith is a communications specialist at The University of Mississippi, where he works in Media and Public Relations. In addition to being an avid NBA fan who blogs about The Grizzlies, he is also a published author and inspirational writer, whose latest work is a free eBook/multimedia project called “A Message From God.” Visit to learn more. He can be reached at

Todd Posey
Todd, a Memphis native, cheers on the Grizzlies from Ohio these days. A casual NBA fan going back to following the Showtime Lakers, he has gone “all in” with his pride in the local pro franchise (don’t tell anyone, he would’ve done the same thing for any of the other major leagues too – but is happy we landed the NBA). Todd graduated from the U of M back in the early ’90’s with a BA in Journalism, and is currently a Technical Writer. Not long before leaving Memphis, he also served as the Editor/Lead Writer for the Mid-South Youth Sports Authority, a short-lived all prep/youth sports weekly newspaper.

Dhruv Ohri
Dhruv is an aspiring young journalist and became a contributor to 3 Shades of Blue in 2010. Dhruv has had constant exposure to the game of basketball and hopes to augment his knowledge about the sport as well as share his opinions about the Memphis Grizzlies. Of all the teams Dhruv has had the opportunity to cover, Memphis has been the most exciting because of the team’s unpredictable nature. Dhruv’s favorite teams include the New Jersey Nets, Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers. You can contact Dhruv with any sports related questions at

Josh Dhani

Josh is a young writer who is a big fan of Memphis Grizzlies basketball. He also follows the Pacers, Heat, and Bulls as well. His most popular website he owns is You can contact him at

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