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In a deal  first reported by Ron Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the Grizzlies have completed a deal with the  Celtics to obtain center Fab Melo plus former Grizzlies MVP Cash Considerations  in exchange for likely-not-retained-anyway forward Donte Greene.

Likely reasoning? The Grizzlies kicked the tires (hopefully not too hard or with steel-toed workboots) on Greg Oden as a third/backup/foul trouble/God forbid injury/etc. center, and Fab Melo may be seen as the best available, as well as affordable, option.

My opinion? Sounds fine. Donte Greene wasn’t going to last here anyway, and using an asset not likely to be retained for one much more likely to have a place on the bench at least is a good use of resources.

UPDATE (By Lee Eric Smith):

For those who want to see what we’re getting . . . Melo had a dominating game in the D-League earlier this year (wearing #41):

I’m with Matt on this one . . . it’s a low-risk, potential high reward move by the Grizz. Think of it this way: If, for some unthinkable reason Marc were to go down, Kosta could reasonably step into his starting spot. but then . . . who would back Kosta up? And who else would you rather see mentoring Melo than our favorite Defensive Player of the Year? If Fab Melo can develop at a reasonable rate, and basically perform at Haddadi-esque levels, there’s no downside here. And if there is a downside, it’s not a long way down in any case. — LES

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