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It means…”what a long strange trip it’s been”.

The regular season’s over, and we don’t yet know whether the playoff series will start in LA or in Memphis.

This game did something VERY important aside from enabling the Griz to maybe get homecourt. Ok, more than one thing…but one BIIIIIG thing…

ZBOOOOOO. Darned close to 20/20 for the first time since what seems like about 1987. It’s like he flipped a switch…and it’s worth considering whether that should alarm us. Probably not, but it’s worth a little teeny corner of my mind. No, Jefferson and Millsap aren’t the most intimidating defensive duo…

DIDJA SEE THAT DUNK OFF THE BUSTED PLAY AT THE END OF THE 4th? Zach’s ready for the playoffs. He used his physicality to gain post and rebounding position better than we’ve seen him do in ages, and the ball just looked a little better coming off his hands.

[soundcloud id=’88369941′]

Listen to what he says about :30 in-“I’ve been an underdog my whole life”.  SOOO hard to believe how hard some revolted against him becoming a Grizzly.

Randolph was no doubt the big story for the evening. We’re spoiled, because it’s just gotten easy to overlook things like holding YET ANOTHER opponent to low-30’s shooting, which the Grizzlies did this night. They did it the way they always do it-smart rotations and excellent defensive spacing. Not too close to a perimeter player, but close enough to contest a shot or deflect or bother a pass. Veteran defenders like TA and Tayshaun Prince  know how to apply themselves with just enough glue to a man on the perimeter. Count how many times Prince says “focus and preparation” in this sound clip:

[soundcloud id=’88369856′]

Ok, now someone tell me the highest “focus and preparation” phrase usage in an interview by ol’ #22.

Perhaps as encouraging as ZBo’s game was Arthur’s eleven points in roughly sixteen minutes. The elbow jumper was there for the first time in a while. He’ll be essential in the playoffs, and will likely see time with Davis on court with him. Davis played well, but five fouls in 22 minutes is, well, heck, the Griz won, so we’ll call it “a sign of good defensive hustle”.  For the Jazz’ part inside, this was another in a long line of Jazz games I’ve watched during which I’ve remarked “man, that Favors is gonna be a special player”. And this game did nothing to diminish that line of thought.

Off to root for the Kings-many thanks as always to Lee Smith for getting the locker room audio for us here at 3SOB.



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