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Well, those first two games didn’t go quite like we wanted them to. They surely didn’t have the final result that our Grizz fan in Los Angeles, Daniel Edmunds, was hoping for:


Here is my take on the L.A. experience after the first 2 games.

Remember when I alluded to the fact that California has somewhat knowledgeable/aware basketball fans?  I would like to clarify.  That is still true…with the exception of Clippers fans.  Going to a Clippers game is rather annoying because they know nothing.  All of the real basketball fans in L.A. are Lakers fans.  It is obvious that these Clippers fans all started watching basketball about 2 years ago when David Stern and the NBA, despite an obvious conflict of interest and in an unprecedented over-exertion of power, personally anointed the Clippers as the new cool, hip, marketable team.

It made me miss watching basketball in Memphis where the fan base understands how the game is played and officiated.   Dont get me wrong, there is always room for the home crowd to get upset with the officials, but this Clippers fan base is something else.  They literally, just like their team, whine the whole game about the EVERY SINGLE call, despite how obvious.  And, despite the fact that the same call had been made in their favor the previous trip down the court.

On top of that, the obnoxious gentlemen beside me continually yelled “TAKE HIM!!  TAKE HIM!!  TAKE HIM!!”  to EVERY single Clipper, every time they touched the ball (so about 20 times a possession).  He was yelling ‘TAKE HIM!!” to players who, anyone who watches 2 minutes of basketball would realize, have no business trying to ‘take’ anyone and who the Clippers do not want or need him to either (aka Turiaf, Odom, Jordan, Butler, and even Griffin who looks incredibly scared to have the ball beyond 5 feet of the basket) .

Go Grizz!

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  1. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    I’m crying from laughing so hard. Great stuff!

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