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Shrinking violet, fourth quarter disappearing act, etc.

It’s easy to imagine that Mike Conley could hit the wall in the fourth due to plain old wear and tear, he has, and he will do so again-but his fear of the bright lights has, well, vanished.

Note: that final play likely doesn’t work if Timmy D. is in the game. No way would he have allowed himself to be drawn as far from the hoop as Bonner and Diaw were.

Brief Memphis moment here-who else remembers “Celebration” being played every time the Rogues scored a goal? Ok, back to basketball…and as usual, Lee Smith supplies us with some great audio from the locker room.

So….this wasn’t exactly the best game the Grizzlies have played  this season…seems like we’ve said that 49 other times, huh?  But they just keep doin’ it. Super long day today, just a few quick bullets on this one:

-9-14 in Q4 from the guards. Yowie. Bayless WANTS to do it, Conley knows he has to be part of it. Two different trails up the same mountain, but they both get there. Gotta figure that TA doesn’t like riding the pine in the fourth, but he lives with it, ‘cuz he likes winning. Loves it.  Check out Conley’s manner of speaking about the end of the game in this audio, especially regarding the huge game-tying three he hit-sounds more like a guy just out there to do his job than it does someone (who shall remain nameless but scored 34 in a loss tonight as his team was eliminated from playoff contention) saying “I live for that, I wanna take that shot, I wanna be that guy”….

[soundcloud id=’85989021′]

Best quote from Conley? “I’d rather steal the game than the ball”. His steal streak is over, and I don’t care any more than he does, and neither should you.

-It’d be easy to think that Gasol and ZBo really stank up the joint this night, but heck, they shot 40% between them, combined for 17 rebounds, and only committed one TO. That’s not up to “best 4/5 in the NBA” status they’ve rightly enjoyed over the season, but it’s not a full stinker. Randolph missed a couple of the jabstep jumpers where he uses the non-pivot foot as “radar” to open up space, and had he made one or two more of those, this game might not have been close. Gasol, despite his insistence to the contrary, must be feeling the injury-an ab tear is just tough for a basketball player.

-Second game in a row, the all-bench group on floor at the open of Q4 is a HUGE factor in a Griz victory. The bench made a good overall contribution with 25 points on the night, and,as you’ll hear Coach Hollins say in the audio, Arthur and Davis in particular “had no numbers” but made a significant impact on the game. Hollins especially credits Davis with playing good D on Diaw, who, let’s not forget, was being groomed as a PG (yes, he was) when he first entered the league. His driving had caused the Griz problems all game, and Ed Davis used his length around the free throw line to help fill the gaps.

[soundcloud id=’85989316’]

Another road trip…three huge games..and the game on 4/13 at FEF against the Floppers looms larger every day….

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2 Responses to Mike Conley. That’s Pretty Much It. Grizzlies 92, Spurs 90

  1. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t really discuss the game seriously. It’s the first Grizzlies game I saw in person, and the first time that the team I cheered for won when I attended the game. My mind will forever be blinded by the roar of the crowd and the joy of Conley’s lay-up.

    I want to attend more, and I hope my work schedule can be more accommodating to Grizzlies games.

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