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Well, that seemed awfully…pedestrian. Not weird at all.

And more happened than just the most beastly ZBo we’ve seen all season showing up…follow us past the jump for more discussion and some great locker room audio courtesy of Lee Smith….

It’s hard to think that this version of Randolph is something that we’ve barely seen in….quite a while. Was it the officiating? No…he did charge the basket harder this game. From the outset, Randolph looked to get to the hoop or the line or both, and it worked. Same positioning, same plays, just a bit more juice from ZBo. 27 points on 18 FGA? Really? 9-10 from the line? I’m too sick to take the time to go see when the last time he went for double-digit FTA’s was, but it’s been a rarity. Check out what Randolph and Gasol  had to say after the game…

[soundcloud id=’89548668′]

Aside from Defensive Player of the Year, Marc should win most diplomatic and best team player. This man refuses to take credit for what he does-in the audio, he acknowledges that the space he had around the FT line/elbow area was due to Conley running well-angled pick and rolls and Zach taking Marc’s defender deep enough into the lane on the dive to give Marc room to release his…devastating set shot? Huh? Marc is a ridiculously intuitive player on both ends, and he knew that defenders would be paying a lot of attention to Randolph as he tried to work the high/low. Conley did do a great job making decisions at the top of the key when both his principal big men were in the game. Speaking of Mike Conley..

Ten assists, no turnovers. WOW. 1-9 from the field…wow. A bit of an odd game for him, given the great scoring he’s been doing for the last few months, but like Gasol, he knows how to fit himself into the game and do well by his team. Also…he and every other Grizzly who got near Chris Paul did maybe the best job on him we’ve seen all year. 4-11, ZERO FREE THROWS, only 4 ast, and 5 TO’s. Now that is defense against the guy who’s been breaking the Grizzlies’ collective spine of late. Check out some audio of Griffin and Paul from postgame-CP3 knows exactly what happened  and why it happened:

[soundcloud id=’89548344′]

Whale of a defensive game by Conley and Allen principally, and the whole team-they outrebounded the Clippers by 12 and held them under 39%.

Does anyone remember the last time the Grizzlies went to the line 38 times in a game?

One more little tidbit..Eric Bledsoe and Jerryd Bayless canceled each other out, did they? Neither was a major factor in the game, with Bledsoe playing only 14 minutes and picking up 3 fouls, Bayless only ten minutes with 3 fouls. Interesting that a key bench backcourt player from each team was pretty much removed from the game’s framework and the Grizzlies are only outscored by 5 reserves-wise, with the Grizzlies’ bench hitting the 30-point mark…an uncommonly high number for them needless to say. Perhaps the only disappointing aspect of the Grizzlies’ bench was the big men-Arthur and Davis filled space, but were not as dynamic  as the team will need them to be if they are to come back and try to win the series. Big men aside, if the Grizzlies can keep Bledsoe from making those basket cuts and wreaking havoc on the Grizzlies’ offensive sets, they’ll stand a better chance  of succeeding over the series.

Holding the opposition under 40%, outrebounding them by double digits, Randolph goes for 27 and 11. None of this seems unusual, does it? Well, it darned well does within the context of the previous two games of the series. The home team won again, and the Grizzlies will need to keep the game in the mud if they are to win…three more games. Still a tall order, but not impossible….



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5 Responses to Back To…Normal? Memphis Grizzlies 94, Los Angeles Clippers 82

  1. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t think it is fair to say DA did little. He got 6 boards in 17 minutes and threw in 5 points. With Gasol and Randolph playing so big that was good production.

  2. scrapniceNo Gravatar says:

    This was my reply:

    So, of course after reading the piece you wrote on 4/25/13 after the Grizzlies’’ win over the Clippers, you had to know that it would anger some intelligent people from the Memphis area. And while I can’t get enough of sports journalism covering football and basketball this was as offensive of a piece that I have ever read. Maybe it’s because you’re looking for shock value rather than unbiased informative reporting or is this what the people of L.A. expect. While we are speaking of L.A., your obvious immediate audience, isn’t this a conglomerate of fake attitudes, body parts, and whatever else that can be manufactured, surrounded by the neighborhoods and cities that provides the environment that birthed “gansta rap” coupled with a police department that has a license to kill anything that doesn’t look like them or a whistle blower that speaks out against the internal corruption in the organization . Must we forget that this is where NWA, Snoop Dog, West Coast Connection and others like them brought to our attention that the “L.A.” way of life includes robbing, killing, and drug dealing all for the color of a bandana. There have been blockbuster movies made on the violence of L.A. Colors, Boys in the Hood, and South Central are a few that come to mind. Not to mention the countless number of murders and crimes that even celebrities get away with there.

    While my view of Memphis is from the inside and is influenced by my own personal travels around the world (to include your beloved city of “innocence”), I, myself, know that Memphis has a lot to improve on and with the few minds of some people who are intent on helping, placed in the right part of the government, law enforcement, and city council, I don’t think that the “mole hill” we have to climb would amount to the “mountain” that the L.A. area would have to face.

    Of course I understand that this email is just something that ensures that you have done your job as a shock journalist with nothing to report or just something thrown together to fill a quota that had to be in by midnight to make the next day’s paper. It probably won’t influence your writing or even persuade you to think before you bad mouth someone else’s hometown. But hopefully, on a personal note, it helps you to understand that just because we’re not big as L.A. or as “important” we are still people that are trying to make it every day as the people of L.A. are also and watching the most competitive playoff series between the Grizz and the Clips should be the source of a sports writer’s article rather than trying to tear down the opposing team’s city.

    Lee Brantley

  3. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    I think the author is an ass. Has he forgotten the Watts riots? Rodney King? O J Simpson? Has he heard of the Crips or the Bloods? When was the last time he was in South Central LA?

    Don’t tell me Memphis is unsafe. At least in Memphis you don’t worry about fans getting beaten to death leaving the stadium, earthquakes or smog alerts.

    • scrapniceNo Gravatar says:

      Exactly. So now I don’t feel so bad as to the emotions that this stirred up inside. I thought that this guy has got to be from some other “L.A.” where there is just a normal amount of crime or something. Man, I read “your stuff” here and on ESPN and I just had to get this to you because of course you would have a wider audience than I would. Grind Forth!!!!!!!!

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