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Way back when we first started this humble little blog, we cut our teeth by interviewing some local media members, including Gary Parrish (giving him the name to his radio show in the process) and Peter Edmiston. We continued that tradition by interviewing anyone else we could pin down, whether it was Michael Heisley, Chris Wallace, Jason Levien, John Hollinger, other bloggers, NBA analysts, statistical/analytical experts, and whomever else was dumb enough to respond to our emails. In case you couldn’t tell from our 6 years doing this or our enjoyment of being on the radio with Fish ‘n’ Stats on Sports 56 recently, we love to talk about basketball with any and everyone we can.

Copyright 2010 NBAE (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

Once I fully embraced the world of Twitter (I resisted as long as possible before jumping in with both feet), one of the more interesting people I found to converse with was @PhotoNikki, better known as Nikki Boertman, the photojournalist who covers the Memphis Grizzlies for the Commercial Appeal. I knew of her based on her unmistakeable bouncing golden curls that are her most identifiable characteristic at games as she traverses the court at halftime, but had never had the opportunity to meet her.  After chatting with her throughout this season, I decided she would be a great one to interview in order to get her perspective and history.

Rather than just your basic Q&A, I decided to incorporate my “other” part-time job/hobby, which is working as a producer for Shake Rag Productions and Through that medium, my good friend and one of the biggest Grizz fans you’ll ever meet, Mr. Otis Griffin, interviews people of local interest and puts it out there on the web for anyone to see, whether it is a musician/band, an author, a Shriner, a principal, or a local business. So, we invited Nikki out to our studio, and she was kind enough to oblige us.

To find out about Nikki’s background (sneak preview: drag racing factors in prominently) and how she goes about her job taking all of the great pictures we know and love of our Boys from Beale Street, just click on the link below and enjoy. I know that I found her to be a fascinating person to learn more about, so I’m sure that y’all will, too.

Nikki Boertman Interview

Be sure to follow Nikki on Twitter and on Facebook.

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