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I don’t root for this team any harder now than I did during the dark days of, say, 2008-but it sure feels better to root for them so hard these days.

Thunder, Heat, Mavs all go down within a week. Oh, yeah, Hollins is tunin’ the machine at the right time….and, at least for the moment, the Grizzlies seem to have found the bench 3-pt threat they’ve needed since, oh, Columbus’ voyage or so.

There were several things that I’d mentally noted to watch for in this game, and here’s how they turned out….-The battle of the free-throw line, especially as it related to Irk. He went to the line only four times, and was frustrated for much of the game, starting 0-5. As for the larger picture, the Grizzlies were plus-ten in attempts and plus-a-big-fat-eleven in made FT’s. 23-27 is a sign of a team who knew what was happening as the game went on-the Mavs ratcheted up the D, the Grizzlies’ FG% went down…so they got more aggressive with the ball, hustled on the glass, and made the Mavs foul them. Play amazing defense, and get to the foul line when your offense runs aground a bit. Great stuff.

-Rudy Gay. Would he show up big? As I stated last night after the Heat win, it seemed like Rudy was on the verge of a big game if he could just get some decent rest in his own bed…and he did, and he did put up that 20+ game I predicted. He would likely have become the Griz’ first 30-point scorer of the year if not for foul trouble in the second half. AND HE FINALLY HIT A THREE-POINTER. Three of ’em, in fact. What Rudy does when he has good games is interesting-it’s the “running into space” technique. When he’s aggressive, looking to score, he can anticipate in a TMac-esque way where the defense is going to be and when they’re NOT going to be there, and he’s able to rise up and score from anywhere-zero to 26 or so feet. Didn’t get a ton of boards, but fought hard for the ones he got, and seemed to know when the Griz REALLY needed one.

-The fatigue factor with Conley and Gasol. It reared its ugly head, but luckily, both players were able to play the important minutes with important lineups (more on that in a moment) without going over 33 minutes, with Conley going just under 30. Both these guys need the rest, ‘cuz Monday, both of them have a rather dastardly assignment waiting for them.

A few other stats of interest:

OJ had a horrible shooting night, but five assists with ZERO turnovers is a great line in and of itself from OJ. I’d imagine hangin’ out with Arenas helps a good bit in terms of limiting his TO’s.

Rudy. 60% from the field, 80% from line, and the aforementioned 3-5 from Three. Whoof.

ZBo. 15 and 11 in 28 minutes. I’ll say it again…seems like he’s “rounding” back into form.

For the second game in a row…the Grizzlies’ “winning time” lineup (Conley, Mayo, Gay, ZBo, Gasol) were on the court together in crunch time. This must continue….

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10 Responses to Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph, Etc., Etc. Grizzlies Hold Down Mavericks

  1. Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

    From Elias Sports Bureau:
    The Grizzlies outscored the Mavericks 29-10 in the first quarter and held on to win, 94-89. It was the third time this season that Memphis has led by 19-or-more points after 12 minutes of play (also February 17 vs. Denver and February 21 vs. Philadelphia). In the franchise’s 16 previous seasons, the Grizzlies only outscored their opponent by 19+ in the first quarter four times.

    From ESPN Stats and Information:
    After beating the Heat and Mavs back-to-back, the Grizzlies are the 4th team in the last 45 seasons to defeat both defending conference champions on consecutive days and the first team to do so since the 2003-04 Pacers. None of the other teams on this list went on to reach the NBA Finals.

  2. Van IblisNo Gravatar says:

    Did you seriously call Dirk “Irk”? Are you stuck in 2000, you stupid hillbilly? Dirk has been a very good defender for years now. He gives us less PP100 than any of your scubby PFs, btw. Dumbass.

  3. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

    The winning time lineup will soon involve Arenas, Mayo, ZBO, Gasol, and Rudy. Mike Conley is not a winning time player. Gilbert Arenas is definitely a winning time type guy. If Arenas didn’t turn an ankle he would have gone real Hibachi on the Mavs.

  4. Andy WatersNo Gravatar says:

    You’re right, Mike Conley definitely can’t execute the offense nearly as well as a 3 point scrub that Orlando is paying $20,000,000 not to play for them.

    Don’t get me wrong, Gilbert is a great role player, but that’s it. Rewatch the 3OT game of the Thunder series if you have actually already forgotten what Mike is capable of.

  5. HPTMattNo Gravatar says:

    gotta agree with Andy here. No way does Gilbert Arenas supplant Conley as the “closing time” PG for the Griz for the foreseeable future. What may be interesting is whether we fans hear anything else regarding the words “Arenas”, “replacement”, and “Mayo” used together at any time during the upcoming draft and/or offseason. No one within the org, to my knowledge, has uttered such-but Gil’s only 30, and it’s well-known that OJ’s price may be out of the Griz’ range. The trouble now becomes..what if Arenas prices himself out of Heisley’s pocketbook as well? That assumption is by NO MEANS a foregone conclusion, but it is one of myriad possibilities.

  6. TonyNo Gravatar says:

    The idea of Gilbert replacing Conley after Gilbert had his first good back-to-back games since 2008? is ridiculous.

  7. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

    No one mentioned replacing Gilbert Arenas. I’ve watched Mike Conley play over 200 professional basketball games and deep down inside I do not feel he’s a clutch player. I attend every home game and when he goes to the line at the end of games I can’t watch becuase he’s so shaky. His shooting percentages dip sharply duing the 4th quarter. I think he’s a front runner and you let Mayo and Arenas finish the job.

    Yes, he hit a great shot against OKC, but he has managed to miss clutch free throws and shots, and make turnovers time and time again. Earlier, I made that statement that a lineup of Arenas, Mayo, Rudy, ZBO, and Marc is your best lineup down the stretch and I stand by that. You can call Gilbert what you want but you better understand that Agent 10 is still the truth and he’s capable of going Hibachi from 3 unlike any player to ever don a Grizzlies uniform. Gilbert was still avg 21 ppg last season when he was in Washington before he was traded. The man struggled mentally but physically I think he’s capable of loggin 25 mpg and giving us 12-15 per game when he’s on. Call me crazy, but I like what Hibachi brings to the table as a savvy veteran.

  8. MattNo Gravatar says:

    You’ve clearly been listening to a lot of Chris Vernon Show lately. While I agree with him about Rudy’s game not fitting the team persona, I think that Mike is easily overlooked. While he struggles in the 4th more so than other quarters, he isn’t trying to take the game over. He may have a low shooting percentage, but he doesn’t take a lot of shots at the end of games. Mike knows that he isn’t our closer and never will be. While Arenas can certainly still play, I’m not ready to write off Conley just yet. If Gilbert is willing to stick around for next season, that may be something to consider then (replacing Conley with Gilbert that is), but until then, our chemistry is working well right now and the roles are too entrenched for an overhaul this late in the season. With that said, I do love me some Hibachi.

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