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Ok, here’s the story.

Each Grizzlies game should be a fourth quarter against the Warriors. They’d never lose.

There’s a bit of a problematic trend here, however, and we’ll find out about that after we sort out just how the Grizzlies won another close one…

The “energy squad”. From when they were down 84-72, the Grizz  went on a 26-10 run to close the game. Cunningham and Arenas, powering a comeback? Huh? Yeah. It’s just hard not to use that word “crafty” in reference to Arenas. Yet another game for Gilbert with zero turnovers. I like seeing this trend in a backup PG, and it will be very interesting to see if he gets some minutes guarding VC against the Mavs.  He sure wasn’t afraid of KD35, he wasn’t afraid of any Warrior, so we’ll see. Just can’t mention the word energy without mentioning Dante Cunningham. Can’t help but think that the Griz win that Rockets game if he doesn’t twist the ankle. Water under the bridge, though. Had him back this game, and it was great to see him using his length in combination with a good ear for listening to his coaches and his ability to position himself smartly on D. Going 6-6 from the field doesn’t hurt either. Having this energy squad in the game also gave Hollins the ability  to rest most of his starters for tomorrow’s third consecutive game (Gasol was in there, but still only played 33 total minutes). Zach Randolph also got to rest, as his knee and his conditioning only allowed him 15 minutes this game.

OH-OH-OJ MAYOOO FOR THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. “On a tear” is not too far out of the applicable lexicon for what he’s doing lately. He’s got that look in his eye for sure, and Hollins has gotten to where he’s trusting him for stretches at PG. Interesting from Hollins’ postgame: he likes to play Arenas and OJ together, gives him the ability to interchange his SG/PG guys. When OJ gets out of control, he goes to Gilbert as ballhandler, then goes back to OJ when he’s calmed. Smart stuff from a guy who has proved his naysayers wrong. The streak will end, OJ will have a cold game, and maybe Rudy, or maybe ZBo will have a couple killer games. That’s ok, ‘cuz we KNOW now that none of these players care about who’s taking the shots. They want to win, and this most recent hot streak is coming at a most opportune time.

Nate Robinson, perhaps talking trash to Mr. Mayo and Co. was not your smartest maneuver of the day.

Mike Conley comes back, the Grizzlies have over 50% FG’s assisted. Yes, he only played 29 or so minutes, and he only had two assists-but his ability to direct the team should not be underestimated. 7-11 from the field with a crazy 3-4 from three was great too-for Conley to get to another level (which is not likely, at this point in his career, but his upward curve has been pretty dramatic), his ability to score must become a bit more automatic.

Now, the disturbing trend. This Fast-Eddie-Felsen-esque method of taking teams down in the fourth is not gonna work in the playoffs. Not only because of the quality of opponents, but also because of teams’ desire and ability to take better care of the ball late in games. This game (and a couple other of the GSW games, the MIL game, there have been others) is exemplary of this problem. Stronger starts and halftime leads will become a bigger and bigger deal as the playoffs approach.

Dallas next, and it should bode well that no Grizzly besides Gay went over 33 minutes.

Huge game to insure the tiebreaker over the Mavs…homecourt has to be the goal. Keep it up Grizzlies.

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5 Responses to Grizzlies Win Another Squeaker, Take Down Golden State 98-94

  1. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

    Agent Zero and Juice are a killer backcourt combo. One of the best in the league if they play extended minutes. I love having guys on the court like these two as they give you so much confidence as a fan.

  2. GrizzdocNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, this game was ugly, and yes, it may not have been the way I wanted to win, but at least they were able to grind out the win. This team is starting to develop a swagger, and I cannot help but feel confident that when we are down to a one or two possession game in the final minute, our guys will figure out a way to finish on top.

    Kudos to OJ Mayo for being a prime time late game player for us. I agree that he will have a cold game here or there, but what is more impressive is his focus and steel desire to win. He seems to have his mind in the right place and wants to be in the thick of things; coming down the stretch, he wants the ball in his hands, to either shoot or facilitate for his teammates. Contrast that with Rudy Gay, who is acting like he almost doesn’t even want to be around at times.

    I wonder what Chip Crain’s thoughts are on OJ Mayo and his renewed focus down the stretch. He has not been complimentary of OJ at all over the years…

  3. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:

    Chip has presented every scenario possible as to why OJ is not a great guard, and why the Grizz should trade him. Juice is making believers out of nonbelievers and in the process showing he is a big-time lead guard that can lead a team to the promise land. Without Mayo we don’t go seven games with OKC in last years playoffs. The key to this team is bnech production and no one does it better than OJ Mayo for this team. He and Arenas are lethal combo for any team come playoff time. #GrizzNation

  4. Larry HarrisNo Gravatar says:

    The Griz should work to utilize the alley-oop to a streaking Cunningham (Allen did it quite well Tuesday night). It not only obviously gives the team two points but has a positive, uplifting effect on both the team and the fans who delight in such skywalking accomplishments. Dante’s performance was a bit amazing in coming in cold off a severe ankle problem. Now, if he could only control that adrenalin and hit the first of his free throws. About 90 percent of his first misses hit the back of the rim.

  5. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Also think the combo of Agent X and OJ is excellent. When OJ is on the court with Conley OJ is little more than an afterthought on offense. Also helps that Zbo is looking more to pass on the high post instead of shooting. One wonders if Agent X keeps improving along with Mayo’s improved confidence what will happen to the team in the Summer when decision time comes. It has been almost a given that OJ will be the one traded to make the team get under the cap. OJ has become the closer during the fourth quarter in this winning streak. Kinda strange that the highest paid player is in the middle of the pack.

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