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Well, I am just dumbfounded, as are, I’m sure, the eardrums of the Grizz players after the lashing that Hollins gave out during that Clippers run. The Darlings of the West come back on the rising-but-stumbling Grizzlies. When it went from 96-84 to 96-93 in about three seconds, it seemed…annoyance time.

There were several things I’d planned to watch closely this game, and here’s how they went:

-offensive execution for the Grizzlies vs. offensive execution for the Clippers. As one might recall, the Grizzlies were absolutely ON FIRE at the start of the first quarter. Gasol finds TA on a cut when help leaves him, Conley finds the open wing guys, etc., etc. The Clippers, as we all know, possess one AMAZING player, a couple kids who can dunk well, a couple three-point guys, and a couple talented-but-Mesozoic rebounder/defender guys. And Nick Young, who was the only thing that was working for the Clippers in the first half. In the second half/fourth quarter, all went in reverse. Paul and the Clippers’ bench, particularly Reggie Evans, crammed a game’s worth of amazing into about nine minutes of game time. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, forgot that Marc Gasol is the best facilitating center in the NBA and a pretty good scorer….as in, he had 14 at halftime, and…14 at the end of the game. Hollins has to rein in the other guys and keep them focused on the gameplan, not panicking and going hero when things start going not-so-great.

Up 24 with 8 and change to go.

-free throws. Clippers with six more makes and five more attempts. Meh. Maybe if the Griz shot better than 61%, the game turns differently…nah. Not enough to stop that Clippers bulldozer that came through the building.

Up 24 with 8 and change to go.

-three point shooting. Uh…is the boxscore wrong? One team went 11-16, one went 6-18. Who’s who? It actually should have set the alarm bells ringing when the Grizzlies started 5/6 from distance-that kind of accuracy just can’t continue, and for them to take and make that many meant that the paint was not the happy home that it needs to be for the Grizzlies to have playoff success.

Life didn’t work out for me to be able to attend this game….now I know why.

Ooooof.  Gotta figure there won’t be a lot of sleeping going on amongst Grizzly players tonight…and maybe that’s an ok thing….

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20 Responses to Grizzlies Perform Choke Job for the AGES

  1. Really?No Gravatar says:

    You guys now how it feels to lose the first game at home, bad luck to you guys.

  2. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Dayummm! After the 3rd quarter the griz took it for granted the game was won. Rudy kept forcing terrible shots and went to sleep on defense. Zbo is no where near as good as he was last playoffs. Too bad for Conley who had a great game. And why TA fouled Paul there at the end! Sickening to listen to the announcers gushing over the Clippers the whole game. Hollins needs to go back to Zbo on the bench and starting Speights. Rudy better come back with a monster game in game 2!

  3. chigginsNo Gravatar says:

    LOL.. Clippers darlings of the West?? Pretty sure everybody picked Memphis to win this game, as well as the 3+ quarters of Memphis to the Finals predictions by the media-types.

  4. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    Absolutely sick to my stomach, but we played a nearly flawless game until that awful 4th quarter. Gotta be calm, readjust, and play like the better team. I trust Lionel to get us on track. We’re gonna be alright.

  5. stevedNo Gravatar says:

    As gut-wrenching as that loss was, I agree with Patrick. Strangely calm about our chances in this series following the first-up loss.

  6. @word_sbondNo Gravatar says:

    the loss absolutely sickened me to my stomach…I was praying Rudy’s shot goes in so I could just forget about this entire game and worry about the next but…We all know how that went.

  7. ColeNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, terrible loss. I went to bed because I knew the Grizzlies had this one wrapped up. Awesome game for 3 quarters, to bad we all forgot that there were 4 quarters to play.

  8. HartNo Gravatar says:

    Clippers knocked down Grizzlies’ sand castle. It took 3 quarters to build and 1 to destroy. The killer in the 4th quarter was that Memphis players looked flat while the Clippers were all hustle. I saw way too many forced Grizzly shots way too early in the shot clock during the Clips comeback. We should have sat on the clock, grind it down, go low post after low post. But we were taking ugly jump shot after ugly jump shot. It wasn’t just Rudy (as presidentjoe said) that was a team effort in the choke. We didn’t use the “Fools Gold” 3 point shooting to our advantage – that is, we didn’t open up the paint and go inside at the end of the game.

    I kept thinking, during the first 3 quarters of absolute perfection, “Ok guys, save some of this for the next game” I should have been saying, “Save some for the 4th quarter”.

    The chip on every Grizzly shoulder better be 5 pounds and prickly.

    My last thought is, “Do we blame (and I don’t like blaming!) this meltdown on the bench?” Conley & Gasol left the game with at least a 20 point lead & about 7-8 minutes left.” That was when the Grizzlies started paving a brick path for Clippers. And statistically on the +/- line starters were all + and bench was all -.

  9. GrizRebNo Gravatar says:

    I, like most all Griz fans, was/still am sick to my stomach. It is hard to go from such a high during the game to a complete meltdown low. The terrible shot selections in the 4th led to the collapse, coupled with the fact that those bad shots were not rebounded by us. Then you factor in that some folks weren’t hustling back after those shots and their guy hits THREE 3 pointers in a row! I almost wish that I would have just gone to bed instead of witness that ugly collapse, I really would have been upset if I had found a way to make it to the game.
    Enough negative, it’s over and we must look to Wednesday. I am sure that Hollins will have our guys’ FULL attention in this next one. We just need to focus on one game at a time and keep to our core strategy: grind them down on defense and work the offense through the big guys

  10. ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

    The Grizz assumed the game was over in the 4th and went to playing pickup bball. Gasol didn’t touch the ball in a scoring or playmaking spot in the 4th. The Grizz un-did all their positive work of the first 40 minutes of the game with some of the worst bball you can imagine in the last 8. People trying to knock the Bulls coach for playing Rose with a 12 point lead with 2 min to go. They had just given up 8 points and didn’t wanna give the other team any confidence. We shut it down with 10 minutes to go and now we sit here with upset stomachs and down 0-1. SMH.

  11. ACNo Gravatar says:

    How many times have the Grizzlies squandered a double digit lead this season only to squeak out a win? It finally came back to bite us….hard. Grizz need to wake up.

  12. KOBE4MVPNo Gravatar says:


  13. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Grizz in 5… Grizz come out with a fiery passion that won’t go away till the job is done

  14. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    All i hope is that this game is the kick in the ass that the Grizz need, we need to get our minds right and play 48 min of Grizzlies basketball, playing 40 min and relaxing the last 8 is not good enough. This is the playoffs, we need to play as hard as we can all 48 min

  15. Jay TNo Gravatar says:

    Basketball games in the NBA are won in the final 2 or 3 minutes. The Clippers own an NBA record this season of most wins after trailing by 10 points or more. What does that tell you? A) The must be explosive B) They have maybe the best finishing floor general in the game. CHRIS PAUL!

    Let us be honest…, The Grizzlies are a very good team with much balance but the lack a GO TO guy. The Memphis Grizz looked like Bambi’s in the 4th quarter! nd they still had a chance to win on the last possession but gay is no Rose, Durant, Bryant… PAUL! In any close game the Clippers are going to have the edge in the final minutes. Chris Paul is that good.

  16. KoricNo Gravatar says:

    Rarely do fans see the best and worst of a team in a game. For 3 quarters the Grizzlies remembered Gasol might be the best player and team ball ruled. Everybody hit their 3s and the defense was amazing. Best Case: The Grizzlies were unstoppable.

    Fourth Quarter Worst case:
    Conley became The Dribbler again and showed no ability to create offense for others, Hollins stopped coaching, Rudy showed he’s a good player not a cornerstone and tried playing too much hero ball and little defense, Gasol was frozen out, Z-Bo appeared to still be recovering from injury.

    Hopefully this will just be a blip on the radar and we’re closer to best case than worst. I think we’ll be fine, but the worst case shows why people fear Conley and Rudy are way overpaid. The best showed why we were excited after last years playoff run.

  17. Clip4lifeNo Gravatar says:

    I am a Clipper fan, you guys played a great game, sucks that somebody had to lose.. FYI the Clippers have had more come from behing wins than any team in the NBA this year.. the grizz caoching staff should have known this and made adjustments..Go Clippers..

  18. Clip4lifeNo Gravatar says:

    Oh and by the way, I really think we have a slim chance in this series.. You guys look pretty solid..

  19. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Del Negri did a very good job of coaching on the fly that 4th quarter and Hollins wasn’t able to counter but have to keep perspective this was just the first game and griz were in the lead 99% of the game. I agree with AC that those last 7 regular season games against the weak teams got the team believing no matter how bad they were playing they could still pull it out in the end. This loss will show how resilient the team is. What I fear is that it gave the clips uber confidence and what edge the griz had is now gone.

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