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The Grizzlies have played very well these past four games and now hold a comfortable 3-1lead over the San Antonio Spurs. Comfortable as their lead might be, the Grizz have to end this series as soon as they can. Watching the San Antonio Spurs play in the second half of last night’s game was like watching my town’s recreational team scrimmage. A montage of bad shots accompanied by lackluster defense led to the Spurs being outscored by 15 in the third quarter. With their morale at an all time low, the Spurs are extremely vulnerable and most likely will not play to their fullest in game 5. A motivational session or two with Pop is probably not enough to fully recover this distraught team.


A few things Memphis has to do to ensure victory:

With the Spurs aging lineup, the Grizzlies should be as physical as possible. The Spurs showed how complacent they can be last night as the majority of their shots were jumpers. San Antonio chose to live or die by the jump shot and were KOed as a result.

Big games from Gasol and Randolph are needed. Both big men have had huge series and need to keep playing well in order to pull out a victory on the road.

The Grizzlies need to keep a rhythm going. Memphis was unstoppable last night when they were hot, but very beatable when cold. Memphis needs to extend their hot streaks by getting easy looks near the basket.

The bench was huge in game 4 and needs to be just as dominant in game 5. San Antonio is known to have one of the best benches in the league but on a good day, the Grizzlies bench is more than capable of outplaying the Spurs bench.

Good perimeter shooting is essential as it makes the Grizzlies unpredictable. If the Grizz can hit their jump shots, San Antonios defense will have to play up on shooters which will draw defenders away from the paint making it easier for Gasol and Randolph to operate down low.

It would be great if the Grizz can pull out a win game 5 to close out the Spurs before they have any real chance of coming back. The Grizz will also have more time to prepare for the next round which will be (unless Denver can pull off a miracle) against the Oklahoma City Thunder. If the Grizz are fortunate enough to beat the Spurs, another winnable series is next.


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