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Todays a great day to be a Grizzlies fan. Last night, the Grizz took a 3-1 lead over the once mighty San Antonio Spurs. Not only was it another victory at The Grindhouse, but it was a beatdown. It could turn out to be the series changing win. Well know that this time next week, hopefully sooner.

Let’s take a quick tangent. I love Seinfeld. I love it more than most people should. George Constanza is the most ridiculous person I can imagine, and yet, I find myself identifying with him many times. This is what he would want….now back to the Grizz.

Its safe to say that last night’s game was won by Darrell Arthur. Darrell Arthur was drafted in 2008, essentially as part of the Lakers trade for Pau Gasol (the Lakers gave Memphis their 2008 draft pick, the Grizzlies traded that 2008 draft pick up one spot for Arthur).

Throughout the series, the Spurs main problem has been dealing with the size of the Memphis frontline, particularly Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Marc Gasol was part of the trade for Pau Gasol as well. And while Randolph wasnt part of the Pau Gasol trade, the cap room used to acquire him sure was. But we dont live in a world that likes to analyze trades from 2008. Thats so, you know, 3 years ago. We live in a world where media members and coaches around the world can make instant judgment about long term decisions and write them off without accountability. But Im too bitter to let that slide.

You see, I was a volunteer writer for the Memphis Grizzlies when the Pau Gasol trade went down, and I happened to defend it. One of the few. And just as the Grizzlies get the spoils of their playoff victories, Ive come to claim mine.

Seriously, read this article. I implore you. I beg you. Ive been sitting on this thing for 3 years. Waiting to pounce.

After I wrote the article, I sent it to local Commercial Appeal columnist Geoff Calkins. He responded, I never said fans can’t understand what the Grizzlies got back for Gasol. I said that fans need to be able to see what they get back in a deal, that is, they need to see that the Grizzlies got something useful and good. I think the fans understand completely what the Grizzlies got from the Lakers. They just think it amounts to nothing — to a handful of beads — and they’re absolutely right. HOWEVER, if Marc Gasol, Javaris Crittenton, either of the two firsts or the cap space produces a player as talented and effective as Gasol, I’ll take it all back.

Well Geoff, ready to take it back? Or do you need to rewatch last night’s game first?

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