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Im sure all of you are aware that Zach Randolph just signed a 4 year, 71 million dollar extension with the Memphis Grizzlies. This is great news. Since Randolph first made his debut as a Grizzly 2 seasons ago, he has been a benefactor to the team, helping turn a seemingly lost franchise around completely. There are a few issues surrounding the resigning, but the pros of keeping Randolph significantly outweigh the few cons.

Randolphs age is beginning to become a concern. This July, Z-Bo will turn 30 which marks the beginning of the end of most NBA players careers. Age is a factor, but Randolph has shown no real decline in his level of play since his golden years in Portland. Also Randolphs numbers have increased periodically since 2007, showing that age is nothing more than a number for the time being.

Cap space is now an issue. Memphis is basically capped out for the next four years and needs to focus on the development of young players in order to mold and refine this lineup into a title contending squad. Also the Grizz need to be sure that they have several good players they can rely on night in and night out.

Now, for the positives.

Randolph has lead this team to the playoffs for the first time in four years and the Grizz are now a serious threat to San Antonio due to Randolphs physical post play. Keeping Randolph ensures relatively successful seasons in years to come, assuming other key players dont get hurt (cough, Rudy Gay).

The fact that Memphis has Randolph means that the Grizz dont need to negotiate and possibly go free agent hunting over the summer. Now Memphis can focus on developing young talent. Z-Bo was iffy coming into the playoffs with a few other teams showing interest in acquiring him including the New Jersey Nets. The resigning was better for both Memphis and New Jersey because now the Grizzlies have their star player and the Nets can resign Kris Humphries who fits in much better with their style of play.

All in all the resigning is great news. It has been in issue all season whether Randolph would stay with the organization or not. Zachs extension takes a huge burden off the shoulders of the organization as well as head coach Lionel Hollins. Now the Grizz can focus on the task at hand, beating the Spurs.

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