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I’m sure that you’re all aware how huge game 1 was and how great it is that the Grizzlies won, but Game 2 is just as important if not more. Now the Spurs know to take the Grizzlies seriously and now that San Antonio’s back is against the wall, you can almost guarantee that the Spurs are going to play like their lives depend on it. By that I mean, tough post plays, lock down defense, and no second chances offensively which were frequent in game 1. YIKES.

I had the pleasure to watch Game 1 with Nets Are Scorching’s Vivek Netrakanti >Besure tofollow him onTwitter.

We both agreed on a couple major flaws that the Grizzlies showed throughout Game 1.

First off all, communication was BAD. There were more than a few instances where passes were thrown out of bounds because the intended receiver had no idea that the ball was coming to him. This was recurrent throughout the game indicated by the Grizzlies 16 turnovers compared to the Spurs’ 10. With Ginobili back in the lineup, Memphis needs to take better care of the basketball and communicate a bit more.

Free throw shooting was atrocious. Rarely you see a team shoot 64% from the line and win a playoff game. Gasol and Allens’ late misses at the line proved very costly. The Grizz need to work on making their free throws.

The numbers of early fouls NEEDS to decrease. I understand that the Grizzlies play aggresive offense and physical defense and fouls are inevitable but in the first 7 minutes last night, four starters had at least one foul which is unacceptable. A fully loaded Spurs team will make the Grizzlies pay if they get into early foul trouble again.

The Spurs were picking the Grizzlies apart with their passes. Memphis needs to rotate better witha speedy Manu Ginobili on the court.

Aside from that, there were no big problems.

We also noted a few definite positives that the Grizz showed.

A 55% field goal percentage lets you know that a team is getting high percentage shots and capitalizing. The Grizzlies’ 60% 3 point percentage wasn’t too shabby either.

Great all around effort, scoring was well distributed throughout the lineup accompanied by HUGE games from Gasol and Randolph.

Great playmaking by Conley, the Grizzlies rarely lose when Conley reaches double figures in assists. His 10 last night were enough to get the Grizz the W.

Both Vivek and I agree that game 2 is as big of a game as game 1 was and the Grizzlies need to capitalize if they expect to win this series.

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