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The Grizzlies need a huge home stand in order to win the series. This means 2 big wins at the FedEx Forum which cant be done without the crowd getting involved. The Spurs crowd was huge in game 2 and helped give San Antonio constant momentum. Memphis is probably ecstatic about the Grizz winning their first playoff game ever on the road, against the top seed in the West. That enthusiasm must present itself throughout Game 3 in order to propel this young team over the skilled and experienced San Antonio Spurs.A few things I noticed in Game 2:

San Antonio completely shut Randolph down. McDyess played solid D from the start and whenever he was overwhelmed, a second defender was quick to rotate on Z-bo. This prevented Randolph from getting into any kind of rhythm and also forced him to play over aggressively which led to quick fouls. An 11 and 5 night off 5-14 shooting is very uncharacteristic of Randolph, Hollins needs to develop a couple of new offensive plays to keep the Spurs guessing and find a way to keep the double team off Z-bo.

Free throw shooting was a bit better at 70%. The Grizz still have a long way to go and should to get their percentage up to around 80% in game 3. A couple easy points at the line helps a great deal in a tight series like this.

The turnovers were a bit better at 14 but Id say 7 or 8 of them were the result of sheer stupidity. There was more than one instance where a player on the Grizzlies would pass the ball right to a player on the Spurs. I dont know if some of the Grizzlies are colorblind or forgot to wear their contacts but turnovers like these are unacceptable in the playoffs.

The Grizz were ice cold shooting a dismal 40% from the field. It was just one of those nights as even the best looks would rim out. Hopefully Memphis can catch fire again playing in front of their home crowd in game 3.

Other than that the Grizz played well with strong performances from Tony Allen and Sam Young.

In Game 3 Memphis needs to look for high percentage shots to avoid cold spells. The Grizz should also increase their offensive awareness in order to prevent careless turnovers. If the Grizzlies can do this and create a plan to keep double teams off Randolph, I like their chances in game 3.

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