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Well the big news this week is that Memphis Grizzlies rookie guard O J Mayo was denied the Rookie of the Year award. The winner was former Memphis Tigerguard Derrick Rose. Surely this isn’t earth shattering news however so I won’t even bother finding a link to the story.

Mike Conley continues his marketing assension among NBA players doing a live chat with fans over at ESPN. Conley at one time couldn’t do a courtside interview in Memphis without hearing boos but now is a becoming a player to watch around the NBA.

The CountyGovernment today decided to sell the Pyramid. The original home of the Grizzlies when they moved from Vancouver, the Pyramid was rendered useless after the FedEx Forum was built (and as a fan who actually attends games I couldn’t be happier to be out of the Toom of Doom and Knee Pain). Anyone wanting to submit a bribe -I mean bid -to the City for the building is welcome to throw their name in the hat. Bass Pro Shop is still being mentioned but, like most trades in the NBA, if that deal hasn’t been finalized yet it is likely not going to happen.

Our friends over at Bleacher Report have a humerous piece up titled You Broke My Heart Fredo. The blog is about the 5 worst backstabs in the NBA. Former Grizz draft dodger Steve Francis is mentioned in the article with a rather humerous revenge note about how the Grizzlies waived him out of the league after drafting him into it without him every actually playing for the franchise.

Hoopsworld has piece up saying the Grizzlies may be buyers in Free Agency this summer. We at 3 Shades of Blue expect the team to be active recruiting FA’s but ultimately unsuccessful in drawing a big name to the Bluff. We would love to be wrong about this as well.

David Stern came out to refute a claim that certain NBA teams (including our Memphis Grizzlies) were in deep financial trouble. What’s more the league actually will see a small increase in revenue this year although not the amount expected. Stern did say he expects revenues to be down again next season. Whether or not this will force teams to curtail spending this summer is uncertain at this time.

Former Grizzlies Dance Team member Annika is about to release her first CD. Unfortunately the guys at 3 Shades of Blue didn’t get to interview her yet. There are some more Grizz Girls interviews coming this summer however so keep checking back.

Finally, former Grizzlies Head Coach Hubie Brown did a Q&A recently. Hubie talks about the draft, working as an analyst and whether or not he will ever coach again.

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