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The founder of 3 Shades of Blue, Joshua Coleman, is taking a leave of absence from the blog for, hopefully, a short time. Before he leftJosh wrote this review of the Grizzlies.Fans of the Grizzlies should appreciate Josh’s vision. Fans of Josh will miss his style.

Hamed Haddadi is getting shown the love. The Wall Street Journal of all places actually ran an article today about Haddadi and his strong performances lately. The Tehran Times, an Iranian Internations news source written in English, wrote a piece on how surprised Lionel Hollins has been with Haddadi’s performance.

Not noted for great sports Journalism, the Wall Street Journal also has a very interesting piece on assists in basketballthat is titled TheNBA’s Most Misleading Statistic that is well worth reading. Considering how much conversation has gone on this season about the team’s assist rate I think people should be interested in this authors take (yes I am talking to you Chris Vernon).

The O J Mayo for Kevin Love trade is still being reviewed. Written from the TWolves perspective the author seems to discount Mayo’s performance the last month but overall he makes some good points about the deal.

O J Mayo did get some love from his coach however. Hollins points out that Chicago making the playoffs had a lot more to do with the team surrounding Rose than what Rose himself did. One point not mentioned is that Al Horford took his team to the playoffs last season but Kevin Durant won the Rookie of the Year award despite that.

Hoopsworld has a solution for the Grizzlies problems. I don’t know how realistic it is but at least they felt strong enough to put it in print.

Finally, Media Day was held on April 16th. The Commercial Appeal did a great job of covering the event. Ron Tillery talked about how the team regained their confidence and now looks to improve their talent.Before Media Day Geoff Calkins talked about how the front office needs to take a hard look at the team and do something dramatic this summer. After Media Day Geoff heard what he wanted from the Grizzlies front office.

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