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Red Coleman – Founder, Co-Owner and Chief Editor

Twitter: @3sob

Joshua “Red” Coleman was born and raised in West Tennessee, and has continued to make it his home. Always an avid sports fan, he became a Memphis Grizzlies fan the day they announced their move to the banks of the Mississippi River. In March 2007, with the team looking towards the famed Greg Oden/Kevin Durant draft, he decided to start a fan-oriented team blog so that other Grizz supporters would have a place to get information, commentary, and analysis about their favorite squad. Currently, Red is the Chief Editor at 3SOB and a full-time student at the University of Memphis, majoring in History and English.

Chip Crain- Co-owner and lead contributor

Twitter: @3Shadesofblue

Chip has been following the NBA since his freshman year at SMU. Once the Grizzlies came to town, Chip became a big fan and was asked to join 3 Shades of Blue. Chip is now lead contributor on the site.


Steve Danziger – Contributor

Twitter Handle: @StevieDanziger


When Steve was at the ripe age of “far too young to declare one’s NBA allegiance,” the Grizzlies’ selection of his favorite college player, Shane Battier, kick-started the process that roped this New Yorker into a lifestyle of League Pass subscriptions, late nights on the message boards, and awkward looks from the local Knick fans.

Matt Noe – Contributor

Twitter: @HPTMatt

Matthew is, uh, over 30 and under 50, and counts Elvin Hayes as his first favorite NBA player (what a rebounder!). A proud lifelong Memphian, some of his earliest basketball memories involve rooting for Alvin Wright at PG for the then-Memphis-State Tigers, watching Bob McAdoo put the ball in the hoop for the Buffalo Braves, and then later rooting for Cheeks/Toney/Dr. J/Iavaroni/Malone in the early 80’s. Matthew works in the bicycle business (a bit odd for the hyper NBA fan, eh?) and counts NBA, bicycling, and the Grateful Dead among his few interests (he doesn’t get into many things, but the things he digs, he REALLY digs). Those three interests, of course, place a distant second/third/fourth in line behind his family, consisting of his amazingly awesome wife and equally amazing and awesome son.

Katee Forbis – Contributor

Twitter: @KateeForbis

Katee Forbis is a devoted fan of the Memphis Grizzlies. She was born and raised in the Memphis area and grew up loving basketball. She is a cake decorator and owned her own bakery for several years. A lot of her writing comes in the form of tweets.

Jonathan Louis May – Contributor

Twitter: @jmay11

Jonathan Louis May is a sixth generation Memphian and Grizzlies fan since March 27, 2001. Jonathan is an attorney, husband, father and fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, Crimson Tide, Memphis Tigers and Atlanta Braves. Jonathan attended the University of Alabama and University of Tennessee College of Law.

Carl Chaplin – Contributor

Carl began to follow the Grizzlies in 1996 when he lived in Memphis. He grew up in Kentucky and is a Kentucky Wildcats fan. He has served as a Christian missionary for the last 20+ years in Czech Republic and Latvia. He moved back to the US in 2013.