Guest Post: Musings and Meandering

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Guest post from Fletch:

  • The 43-39 record was just one game better than last season’s record of 42-40. It still translated to a 7th place finish.  To say the regular season record was disappointing is beating a dead horse.
  • I often said this about this season, “all that matters is how you do in the playoffs”. Basically we fought, but the results were still the same, a 1st round loss.  This was an easier pill to swallow because at least this year we went down fighting.  Last season had the feeling of “just get me the hell through with the injury plagued roller coaster M.A.S.H. unit”.
  • Mike Conley played out of this world this season. If this were just a twitter emoji stat it would be Mike followed with 135 Thumbs up.
  • Marc is what we know he is. He is a great player in the mold of a Gasol.  They are emotional folks and fierce competitors.  Sometimes they get a tad passive and it tends to send twitter into a 140 character rant.  (I am so thankful twitter wasn’t relevant when Pau was here.  Could you imagine that heat)?  I like Marc’s outside improvement and I believe we will see growth and consistency with lineup consistency next season.
  • Coach Fizdale had a solid rookie season. I would grade him a solid B to B +. There was a learning curve for the new staff and they will continue to grow as a unit. I won’t harp on playing the vets in those last two meaningless games.  To be honest, my heart still wonders how we would have done if we would have had Tony in that Spurs series.  As Kawhi sliced us up, I can’t help but think TA would have at least slowed him down.  I think that will haunt me a bit longer this off season.  Maybe not as bad as what would have happened if they didn’t suspend ZBo for that game 7 in the OKC series, but it will stick with me.
  • I am not sure why Brandan Wright didn’t play but just a handful of minutes in the series. I know they said it was matchup issue but we needed rebounds.  Surely he could have outjumped David Lee.  This is one of my pet peeves where teams often try to match up with others teams instead of using lineups which actually create mismatches.  If Marc is going to play out near the 3pt line then use Wright on the post to get rebounds and close baskets.  The Spurs killed us on those low post rebounds.  Weren’t we told Wright and Douglas were basically our free agent signings.
  • I had high hopes for Chandler Parsons and still do. I won’t throw him under the bus.  He has to come back and contributing to the only stat that matters, Wins.

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