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I feel like up until Monday night, I had treated this series rather casually. Sure we were in the playoffs again, and I was thrilled, but I didn’t have the same bloodthirsty anticipation that I did for the past two playoff years. I think it was because I knew the Grizzlies were a huge underdog, and acting like they have a real shot will make you seem like a huge homer. Well, after what happened in Game 2, I’m throwing that entire attitude out the window. It’s on now, baby!

First off, I’d just like to remind you all that I ended my last post by pointing out that Beno stepping up would be a huge deal for the Grizzlies, and sure enough, he puts in 14 points, and one point, he absolutely could not miss. I wasn’t sure how to react to the Calathes suspension, but I was fairly optimistic knowing we had a veteran with a championship ring on our side in Beno. Sure enough, he stepped up when we needed him, and played a huge role in the Grizzlies getting the win. I’m not expecting him to play that well every night, but after his brilliant Game 2 performance, I’ve become far less nervous about the lack of Calathes. The Grizzlies have a better backup point guard than they have during any previous playoff run. And that’s really going to help.

Now, let’s talk about the Grindfather. Holy crap, did he step up. We saw glowing pieces on him yesterday from both Deadspin and Grantland, and it’s wonderful to see the national media acknowledging what he’s capable of. Kevin Durant is the best offensive player in the NBA, and at times it feels hopeless to even contain him, much less stop him. But TA was up to the task, somehow neutralizing the MVP during the biggest stretch of the game. Like many others, I’ve had mixed feelings about Joerger’s decision to remove him from the starting lineup – I get it from a spacing stand point, but I’d rather take out Prince – but after his stunning defensive work in Game 2, it’s quite clear that he’s an essential part of this team whether he’s starting or not.

After watching Game 2, I’m convinced that the Grizzlies can win this series. Whether they will is a different question, but if they can pull off a win like that on the road, with Durant and Westbrook both on their game, it’s clear that they aren’t going to be overwhelmed by Oklahoma City’s talent. Frankly, they have two great players, and one other very good one in Ibaka, and after that, it’s a crapshoot. The Thunder have the best player in this series, and they might have the best two players (although you could talk me into Gasol or Conley being as essential as Westbrook), but Memphis has the deeper team. The question going forward is whether or not Durant and Westbrook are just going to be too much for Memphis to handle. They may end up prevailing, ut the Grizzlies are deep enough, and capable of enough defensive destruction that it is far from a done deal. The Grizzlies are absolutely capable of taking down OKC. And if they pull off the victory in the Grindhouse tonight, they’ll be in the driver’s seat.

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5 Responses to Oh, It’s On, Now! – Game 3 Preview

  1. vahythelordNo Gravatar says:

    one thing about this series is that grizz should win it by 6 games.. u dont wanna go to game 7 in okc with best scorer in the league and crowd advantage..2- if grizzlies play a game with gsl$zbo$jr(trio) they will be great buuuuut its not enough in the playoff because its the d that will save us in the series…and that means tony allen… if grizzlies homecourt is called grind house so the allen is its watchdog! 3- there are two ways to win this series..first grizz win both home games and lose in okc and win again in fed ex…the other way is split homecourt and take one in okc which is the harder..4- the only team which can stop okc is memphis thats a fact..5- durant wants a ring so watch him…but last year we beat them easy by absence of watching him is more priority…6 – okc’s frontcourt didnt know sh***t so abuse it 7- x-factor= courtney lee 8- 6th man to stepup = miller the dagger 9 – if we win the series no matter which team the main guy will change from allen to conley…10- grizz cant beat spurs thats a fact..and grizz will easily win other teams 11- im from iran im a grizzlies fan from my teenage yrs..pardon my english..and hey im not a grizz fan bcause of haddadi…i was a grizz fan before he gets in there.. cheers for grizz from u all love america hope i can attend a grizz game one day thats my dream and ohh tanx 3sob for ur great analysis

    • Steve DanzigerNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for the kind words regarding the site, vahythelord. Love “the watchdog” for TA… might use it sometime.

      I agree about your x-factor, Courtney Lee. In the Grizzlies’ lone regular season victory over OKC, Lee went 9-15 shooting for 24 points. He dropped 16 in the Grizzlies’ win on Monday. In the three losses vs. OKC, since he’s been on board, he’s scored 10, 11, and 8, respectively.

  2. vahythelordNo Gravatar says:

    looks like i deserve to be a grizz fan with this prediction zach

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