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The Grizzlies players conducted their end of the season exit interviews and media availability Sunday before dispersing to their offseason activities, vacation and workouts. It was sad to see the season come to an end, one in which I had no idea who I was seeing for the last time as a member of the Grizzlies roster (except for Conley & Gasol).

A few notes before I post the links to the videos:

1) I recorded all of this with an iPhone 5S camera & a mini condenser microphone connected. I apologize if the audio isn’t perfect on most of these. Some of the guys speak softer than others, so audio maybe faint (listen closely). For others I was close to the player so the audio will be fine. With so many media members clamoring for position, it gets tough to get perfect positioning.

2) You will see video from 10 players plus Coach Joerger. Kosta Koufos, Jamaal Franklin and Beno Udrih appeared while Zach Randolph and Tony Allen were being interviewed and by the time we were done with them, the other three had already. Therefore we were unable to get to them. They stuck around for about 5 minutes and I hate I wasn’t able to get something from them.

3) Due to limited space on my iPhone, I could only catch small amounts of footage from each player, therefore these are not the entirety of each player’s interview. I tried to capture as much as possible.

4) Nick Calathes is still suspended so according to Grizzlies PR staff did not have to make himself available for media.

5) James Johnson, from my understanding, did show up for the exit interview but “split” afterward and did not make himself available to the media.

Coach Dave Joerger

Marc Gasol

Mike Conley

Zach Randolph

Tony Allen

Tayshaun Prince

Mike Miller

Ed Davis

Courtney Lee

Jon Leuer

Quincy Pondexter


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One Response to VIDEO: Grizzlies Close the Door on 2013-2014 season

  1. barry38372No Gravatar says:

    unbeliveable ,what can i say ,we got punked by the okc thunder ,and i watched the thunder get their come up ins ,they got kicked by the clippers ,wow!!!!!!!! they played with the agression and passion i did not see from the grizz . we layed down in front of okc and durant shot it in our face , well ,that did not happen in this series against the clips ,griffin played like carl malone cp3 was dynamite against the okc thunder , durant looked like randoplh kicked him instead of adams ,that was the best revenge i ever saw ,you guys should have rooted for the clippers ,they showed all of memphis what we were about ,and what we shoud be . i was so dissapointed with this grizzlies team ,which begs this question ,robert pera ,what the hell are you doing with this club you get someone that is a detoit castoff ,and you draft someone who is not ready ,come on , we need help here ,ineed to see winners not players whining about fouls not called ,the grizz got their asses whipped by a team we beat in the regular season .

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