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In basketball there is a well known fundamental called the triple threat stance. The offensive player catches the ball and immediately is prepared to dribble, pass or shoot, thus showing the defender a triple threat.

Here are three thoughts that came into my mind upon hearing the ZBO suspension news; and while I haven’t thought them through, I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you share the same or have more to add.

1) Zach Randolph deserved a suspension by letter of the rule book. I saw the skirmish live Thursday night, but missed the “punch” to the jaw of Steven Adams. It’s always the guy that reacts that gets the discipline as we see happen so often in football. ZBO was frustrated. Steven Adams was pushing and pulling and making illegal screens inside the paint and ZBO got mad. He responded out of frustration and was suspended one game because of it.
2) There is no way that the league just happened upon that play and decided to suspend ZBO. Someone (I suspect from the Thunder side of things) tipped off the league office to that play. That person is a snitch. No harm was done. Zach Randolph absolutely could’ve made more of an impact out of ill will and with intent to harm. Maybe initially he wanted to but in watching the replay in slow mo you see Zach unclench his fist as he connects because, I suspect, he realized the severity of what he was doing. That is what makes me angry about this. Someone snitched. It’s similar to what happened to me and my cousin when playing ball in the backyard growing up. As the older and bigger player, I dunked on him on the little tykes goal. He got upset because he fell down or I was being too aggressive, would run inside and tell the adults. Instead of making himself better, or stronger, dealing with it and moving on, he snitched. It’s unfortunate for the Grizzlies and ZBO that this happened, and worse that the news came down so late in the day after the Grizzlies were already in the air headed to OKC.
3) Dave Joerger has now been cleared because of the circumstances to go buck-wild with his rotations, not that he didn’t already do that in game 6, but at least now he has an excuse. I say use all 12 guys available. Nothing is off the table. I would start Conley-Lee-Allen-Miller-Gasol, with Beno-JJ-Prince-Davis-Koufos as my other regular rotation guys. Going small gives OKC problems. We have the guys to beat this team. We have the motivation and our backs are against the wall. Now we just need to execute, hit shots and get stops. The Thunder have no idea what is coming through those gates when they take the floor Saturday night. While I hate that ZBO is suspended, it may be just the thing the Grizzlies need to go into OKC, crush them on the court, then steal their souls.

I know you want to release your emotions and thoughts too. Please sound off here, let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

Keep the faith #GrizzNation!

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One Response to Triple Threat Stance: Zach Randolph Suspension

  1. Mark3No Gravatar says:

    zac is used to dominating players physically, he bangs inside creating space, pushing players around and is used to dominating. last night he struck a monster rookie who was bigger and stronger who he struggled to post up inside. Adams holds and pushes and breaks the rules but nothing much more than zac does himself so i’m not so willing to lay the blame at adams cheating. i’m more INCLINED to wonder how much of this was a veteran big being frustrated by an upstart rookie. the video evidence is pretty damning. hard to argue that it was a push. for all that it is sad to see that game 7 will have something taken away from it in having both teams at full strength with no excuses

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