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This afternoon, as news broke that Dave Joerger would be staying in Memphis, Robert Pera took to Twitter to answer questions about the Grizzlies chaotic week, his vision for the team, Kanye West and more. Rather than editorializing his remarks, here are the questions and answers in their purest form:


On wifi and videoboards @ FedEdForum:

On Coach Dave Joerger:

On the GM search and other front office personnel:

On his commitment to winning & the luxury tax:

    On what the team needs to do this summer: 

On Mark Cuban’s recent remarks about race:

On Mike Conley: 

On whether this week has been taxing for him, emotionally: 

On playing 1-on-1 against someone on the roster: 

On the NBA draft: 

On what fans should think:

  Odds & Ends: 

And then *poof*, he was gone. 

 As you can see, Pera covered a broad range of subjects, even throwing in a little substance with some fluff. It is hardly enough to satiate a fan base (and the media) hungry for information, but it was a good step in the right direction. Noticeably absent from the discussion was any explanation of what happened between himself and Jason Levien that lead to the former CEOs ouster. I suspect little will be said on that subject, much to the dismay of certain members of the local media.

Stay tuned to 3 Shades Of Blue for more information as we get it!


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