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From now until the 2014 NBA Draft, I will take a look at previous drafts and re-draft where I think the top 14 players would land if the draft were done over based on how the players careers actually turned out. I will also re-evaluate the Grizz selection for that year and do so “what-ifs” considering they made another selection. My selections are based strictly on my opinion and also are not considering team needs at the time. Today’s edition will be from the 2003 NBA Draft.  In this draft the Grizz number 2 pick was sent to Detroit via the Otis Thorpe trade.  (Thanks Heisley & Co.)  We also drafted at 13th (Marcus Banks) and 27th (Kendrick Perkins) but those picks were traded for Troy Bell and Dahntay Jones respectively.


2003 Lottery Actual Selections


  1. Lebron James  – Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Darko Milicic – Detroit Pistons
  3. Carmelo Anthony – Denver Nuggets
  4. Chris Bosh – Toronto Raptors
  5. Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat
  6. Chris Kaman – Los Angeles Clippers
  7. Kirk Hinrich – Chicago Bulls
  8. T.J. Ford – Milwaukee Bucks
  9. Michael Sweetney – New York Knicks
  10. Jarvis Hayes – Washington Wizards
  11. Michael Pietrus – Golden St Warriors
  12. Nick Collison – Seattle Supersonics
  13. Marcus Banks – Memphis Grizzlies
  14. Luke Ridnour – Seattle Supersonics


2003 Lottery Re-Draft Selections

  1. Lebron James (1)  – Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Dwyane Wade (5) – Detroit Pistons
  3. Carmelo Anthony (3) – Denver Nuggets
  4. Chris Bosh (4) – Toronto Raptors
  5. David West (18) – Miami Heat
  6. Chris Kaman (6) – Los Angeles Clippers
  7. Mo Williams (47) – Chicago Bulls
  8. Kyle Korver (51) – Milwaukee Bucks
  9. Jose Calderon (FA) – New York Knicks
  10. Kirk Hinrich (7) – Washington Wizards
  11. Kendrick Perkins (27)- Golden St Warriors
  12. Boris Diaw (21) – Seattle Supersonics
  13. Nick Collison (12) – Memphis Grizzlies
  14. Luke Ridnour (14) – Seattle Supersonics


Overview:  This draft has often been labeled as having the most talent which is arguable, but without a doubt it is the most top heavy.  With names like Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh you have not only four franchise players but two players that could easily be viewed as top five at their respective positions.  With players like Darko Milicic who was clearly a reach, players like T.J. Ford, Michael Sweetney, and Jarvis Hayes didn’t meet any expectations that teams may have had for them.  Six players from outside of the lottery would have been in the lottery if the draft was re-done including Jose Calderon who was undrafted.  Mo Williams, who was drafted deep in the second round, was an all star, and Kyle Korver, picked 51, has been one of the best shooters of this era.


Grizz Pick:  Everyone in Grizz Nation remembers the feeling we had when we were going all in during the NBA Draft lottery for Lebron only to have the pick sent to Detroit.  Of course it would have been awesome to have our team built around a Carmello Anthony or a Dwyane Wade but also as disappointing was that we came away with literally nothing from this draft.  Not that a player like a Nick Collison or Luke Ridnour would have been a world beater, but to draft Banks and Perkins and come away with Troy Bell and Dahntay Jones is simply a wasted draft.  To have two first round picks and come away with nothing was a trend too familiar to Grizz fans.  Maybe if we had never traded a future number one pick for a washed up Otis Thorpe we would have had a superstar if only for a few years but hey, number two picks are sooo overrated!



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One Response to NBA Re-Draft 2003: Number 2 Picks Are Sooo Over-Rated!

  1. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    Not sure where we’re going here, but I’ve long said Memphis is one of the worst drafting teams in the league – and that has directly cost us the ability to be a Perineal top 5 team over the last almost-decade… Take a look, I’ll start with the last draft we “got right”:

    2007: Ok, this seems promising…
    Mike Conley, 4th pick, 1st round.
    Memphis takes a flyer on Conley, *while* having picked Kyle Lowry. Bold choice – Has worked out.

    2008: Wheels Fall Off.
    Memphis lands the #5 & #28 picks.
    #5, 1st round: Kevin Love… Yep, Kevin Love.
    Immediately traded on draft night for OJ Mayo. Even if the FO wasn’t in Love with Love – they could have had their choice of: Brooke Lopez, Eric Gordon, even Ryan Anderson. All would have been better choices than the highly popular Mayo, who had drastically underwhelmed at USC. In a trade turned for the worse -Love is now considered a top 10 player, and Mayo is on his 3rd roster.
    The #28 pick was flipped and Memphis eventually landed the #27 from which the took Darrell Arthur – a very decent late round pick who’d fallen off because of medical concerns. Arguably the only better player taken after Arthur was Nikola Pekovic – who Minny took to build the current iteration of their power front court with. (good draft by Minny btw).

    2009: OH MY GOD there is a dumpster fire in the street!
    Memphis lands high in the draft, steals the #2 via ping pong balls & the #27 from Orlando
    #2, 1st round… Hasheem Thabeet. Allegedly a pick phoned in directly from then-owner Michael Heisley, Memphis drafts the “you can’t teach height” Thabeet. Well… what did we miss out on? Effectively 30-40 better picks at the #2 spot.
    Steph Curry @ 7. James Harden @ 3. Tyreke Evans @ 4. Demar DeRozan @ 9…
    Mind you.. This year, 09-10 – Memphis had all the pieces. We had Rudy, Zach, Marc Gasol, & Mike Conley all starting.. OJ Mayo was our SG & 3rd leading scorer. All starters were age 22-28. It was a “talent rich environment”…
    But to whiff on Curry/ Harden still gives me nightmares. It is nearly unforgivable…
    #27, 2nd round… Demarre Carrol. A very solid pick and now starter in ATl – after the last paragraph, we could argue about it, but the draft was already dead – and regardless of “making the playoffs” next year – the team had lost a big shot at being effectively as exciting as the Thunder or The GSWs.

    … I actually have to stop because I’m too emotionally unstable from writing the last paragraph.

    Realize the next year… WE TOOK a SG (in the worst draft in 3 years), who was Xavier Henry. Not a bad pick. But…

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