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I was going to write about the Grizzlies’ small forward position today, but then that “other” small forward went and made his little announcement, throwing the NBA landscape into a predictable uproar. I was also going to write about why it was okay for Memphis to let Mike Miller go in free agency, but as soon as LeBron’s news hit, the writing was on the wall for that as well.

Mike got things started with a post on Instagram that soon flooded Twitter with speculation about what the Grizzlies’ plans were. Several of us tweeted about Vince Carter being the likely target with Mike probably headed to Northeastern Ohio. Shortly thereafter, Marc Stein and Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out that Memphis had reached an agreement with the 37-year old swingman.

According to Woj, the deal is for 3 years, $12 million, although the third year is only partially guaranteed, meaning the first two years probably carry more of the salary weight. My guess would be a structure of $4.5 million for each of the first two years, leaving $3 million on the final year, of which only half is probably guaranteed.

While Carter has a reputation for injury woes, he has played in 81 games each of the past two seasons, and has worked to become a quality outside shooter (40% over the last two years) — something the Grizzlies continue to need.

Oh, and he can do this:

Maybe not this, though:

There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not Carter will start at SF. That’s not my major concern. The fact that he can FINISH games is much more important, in my opinion. However the minutes get divvied up is up to the coaches, but I’m much more comfortable heading into the season with Quincy Pondexter, Carter, and the ghost of Tayshaun Prince than I would’ve been with Miller in Carter’s spot, last season’s 89 games notwithstanding.

After years of attempts, Vince Carter has finally landed on Beale Street.

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