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Guest Post by Shy @foxxyshyd

James Johnson

(Photo by Nikki Boertman – Commercial Appeal)

James Johnson, 26-year-old small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies is a welcome addition to the team. He has intensified the play of this team and has caused ecstatic rejoicefulness that has ignited GrizzNation. He is our Kid Dynomite…he is explosive! He has given us hope and something to cheer about. His play is downright contagious!

Since being drafted by Chicago in 2009, Johnson hasn’t had a good stretch in the NBA. He has been known to have an attitude problem that has rub coaches the wrong way. The Memphis Grizzlies are the perfect fit for him. We are a team built with mostly guys who were castaways on other teams; it seems players come to Memphis and rebrand themselves; ask our presiding King of Memphis, ZBo.

Johnson is athletic, blocks shots, nabs steals, and wreaks havoc on the floor. He does the little things that don’t show up in a box score. He has that Grit and Grind mentality. Johnson has been lauded by players and coaches for his athleticism and exuberant play. He is what fans want. He made an immediate impact on the game once his number was called. Over at with John Hollinger’s NBA Player’s Statistics, he is ranked #21 among all players after just 8 games played with a PER of 21.57 this season. That’s pretty impressive with a guy that was just playing in the NBA D-League.

James Johnson

(Photo by Nikki Boertman – Commercial Appeal)

In the December 30 game against the Chicago Bulls, the team that drafted him, Johnson wanted to prove himself. He didn’t start off very well. Coach Joerger was quoted as saying Johnson tried to do too much in the first half of the game. He took ill-advised shots and turned the ball over; but in the second half, he calmed down a bit and kept us in the game even though it was a losing effort. He ended up with 13 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks before he eventually fouled out of the game.

There are questions for us to ponder about Johnson: 1) How will he fit in when Marc Gasol returns from injury? 2) Does he have what it takes to sustain his abilities on the floor consistently at a high level? If he manages to stay out of foul trouble, keeps giving his all on the defensive end, and keeps blocking shots especially those 3pt shooters — the sky is the limit.

Kid Dynomite is a player who is hungry. He has something to prove. He wants people to know he belongs in the NBA with the big boys. A hungry bear can be deadly. Stay hungry young fellow, stay hungry.

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  1. Memphizzz10No Gravatar says:

    Good article, true that , ive been saying all along that at least he gives great effort still after the chicago thing,and you can see clearly that miller and prince are picking thier tempo up finally bc johnson is on thier ars for thier position, which is bogus bc they =(prince and miller) should’ve been playing for real and giving all that they got to the max instead of just collecting a paycheck, which prince gets payed waayyy to much but anyway but thats what memphis does is transforms players bc memphis we know how to hoop and teach bb. we transformed pau gasol, z bo, mike miller, shane batt, and others. thats bc memphis know how to ball. pure and simple , just gotta get everybody on the same page and game flow , which is play together to win together. everybody can become a star or an important piece if everybody out their on the court sacrifices for the greater play, to get points , to win the game. Now about This mane james johnson or who I like to call
    “Sweet James Jones” can actually play ball and hoop but only bc sometimes you have to have a minor setback for a Major comeback and find the right home. Cant wait for marc gasol to get back and see how him and jones play together but im gona go ahead and call it that wit marcs passing skills and jones cutting to the hole skills , this makes me excited! cant wait to see if these two start on a good note and create a new bond wit each other and start showtime plays, bout time. ps i love this line= A hungry bear can be deadly!! Go memphis grizzils. LP

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