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Memphis Grizzlies’ center Kosta Koufos hosted fitness assembly at Power Center Academy (6120 Winchester Rd., Memphis 38115) as part of the Grizzlies’ Healthy Home Court Week today.

The assembly engaged Grizzlies TEAM Mentoring mentors and mentees in various fitness activities to demonstrate that being healthy can be fun. This event, in addition to the previously held fitness assembly hosted by Jon Leuer at Streets Ministries, Zumbathon presented by the Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation and the fitness assembly held at St. Augustine’s Jubilee School, are all a part of Healthy Home Court Week.

“When you are working out or playing it’s important that you are having fun and there’s a lot of things to do outside besides watching TV and playing video games,” Koufos on advice for the kids.

Koufos answered questions from the students before they started working on new ways to staying healthy and fit. He was asked about how it is playing in the NBA, how he got his start and moved to Memphis, and how important is to eat healthy. Koufos was asked who his role model is and said that it’s his mother.

“I look at my body as my investment the way I put good things in my body and when you work out the combination of eating right it all mixes together, you just can’t eat bad food and work out it’s not going to work out for you. You got to do both things work out and eat right. That’s the biggest thing whether it’s salads, fruits, vegetables, water, and try to eliminate the sodas that’s the biggest thing,” Koufos on how he treats his body and how the students need to treat theirs as well.

The students along with Koufos worked on doing push-ups, sit-ups, basketball dribbling skills, and different foot-work routines. This was a great program to watch and shows once again that the Memphis Grizzlies are so important to the community and are always willing to give back.

Healthy Home Court Week coincides with the 2014 NBA FIT Live Healthy Week featuring all 30 NBA teams and players joining community members and partners to highlight the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle through grassroots programs and events, special on-court apparel, and in-arena and online programming. Also, the NBA has teamed up with Let’s Move! Active Schools (LMAS), a comprehensive program that empowers school champions to create active environments that enable all students to get moving and reach their full potential. The NBA and LMAS encourage school administrators, teachers and parents to motivate their students to get fit and move by signing up to be an Active School. Schools that register prior to March 31 are automatically entered to win NBA prizes. For more information, visit

Healthy Home Court aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people in the Mid-South to make healthy food choices and exercise regularly. This unique program has two main points of emphasis: To encourage high school students to eat a healthy breakfast and to encourage families to be active together to promote physical fitness.

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