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Today, all across #GrizzNation, season ticket holders got home from work to find their 2014/2015 renewal package waiting for them. The package directs season ticket holders to a new website for renewing tickets. Setting aside my mild disappointment that I can no longer brag about my $5 tickets (which are now $7 tickets), the package hints at something big in the works for the Grizzlies 15th anniversary season in 2015/2016.

While there are not any specifics, one thing stands out – the color scheme. Indeed, the Grizzlies anniversary season “teaser” (aka Memph15) is BLACK & GOLD! See for yourself:


Also, the renewal packet includes a metal…golf bag tag (?)…in the same style:


While the team has not made any official announcement, word is that the “new look” was personally designed by team owner Robert Pera. I’m told that Pera hopes to make the color scheme permanent, though it is unclear whether any final decision has been made about whether (or when) such a change will occur. (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

Ignoring the obvious drawback a new scheme would create for 3 Shades of BLUE, I have mixed feelings about a potential color change. Over the years, I have become very attached to the current scheme, not to mention that I’ve invested heavily in gear/memorabilia in various shades of blue. On the other hand, the black & gold could make for a pretty awesome home/away jersey scheme (I’m fold of the Nets new look) and Grizz would look BAD ASS if he dyed his hair black.

We will have to wait and see whether Pera’s foray into fashion/marketing gains traction, or if this is merely the franchise appeasing the whims of its billionaire majority owner. Until we know for sure, wear your 3 Shades Of Blue with pride, Grizzlies fans and stay tuned to for more information about the Grizzlies potential makeover. 

***UPDATE*** After looking into this further my statement regarding Robert Pera designing the Season Ticket Renewal piece and his intention to rebrand/change the color scheme to black and gold was inaccurate. The Grizzlies use many colors in all their sales and marketing material and this look and feel was designed to be special and exclusive to Season Ticket Holders just as the term MVP distinguishes us. The Grizzlies have no plans to replace any of their existing logos or color palate but as all forward thinking organizations are always looking toward the future hence Memph15 – a celebration of their 15 season in the [we don’t] bluff city. Sorry for creating any confusion/excitement for #GrizzNation tonight over what appears to be nothing. (Note: I do stand by my original reporting of the FACT that Grizz would look awesome if he dyed his hair black.)

Grind on, Memphis!




TL/DR – Robert Pera wants to change the Grizzlies color scheme to black & gold but it is unclear whether (or when) that will happen.

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