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Caught up in the 2014 NBA Draft whirlwind, I got the chance to sit in on a few of the media scrums around Green Room invites; some realistic targets within the Grizzlies’ range, and others just downright interesting to listen to. As the day progresses, I’ll be dropping a few little nuggets from these encounters.

Up next is T.J. Warren from Connecticut, who you can read about in depth here.

Photo: Rob Kinnan / USA Today Sports

School: North Carolina State
Height: 6’8
Weight: 220
Class: Sophomore
Age: 20

Warren is a bit of an interesting figure in the basketball world, as a dynamite scorer, but one that does not shoot much of the 3-ball or all that well from the free throw line. How this translates to the NBA is a troubling question of sorts, but whomever makes him their pick this evening will be taking a leap of faith that he will not only use his offensive instincts to adapt his means of scoring to counter NBA defenses, but also be able to ratchet his game up a notch on the other end of the court.

In his media availability session, I asked Warren about how his offensive responsibilities left him tentative on the defensive end. He noted that the college officiating was less forgiving, and he couldn’t afford to risk foul trouble, given the degree to which N.C. State relied on his scoring. Also in the audio below, he discussed the workout process and growing up in North Carolina, playing pickup with the guys at Duke.

Be sure to check back shortly for some more of the Prospect Plunge. And give me a shout on Twitter @StevieDanziger for some live Draft Day coverage!

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